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There are numerous choices for standard and speciality finishes currently available for packaging box designs.

And the simple truth is, specifically for startups and new entrepreneurs, it may be confusing, excessively technical, demanding, and overwhelming.

Fortunately, within this guide, become familiar with how to pick the best coating in line with the compatibility together with your overall packaging specs (material, design and price).

So prior to deciding on the coating for the packaging, we recommend you read these pointers below.

We’re here to arm you with the important information prior to you making your choice!

Paperboard (Retail)

Since paperboard is broadly noted for its versatility, versatility in most cases accustomed to showcase products on stores, designers tend to be creative using the finishing to obtain the attention in the shops.

Listed here are the most popular coatings employed for paperboard packaging:


Laminated paperboard boxes are thought to achieve the highest quality but they are typically more costly because of its protective qualities.

When compared with other coating types, lamination offers the best defense against moisture. Lengthy-run projects also typically choose to use lamination because of its durability and dirt resistance.

It seems sensible since you will be storing a large number of packaging that won’t be utilized instantly.

An additional advantage of lamination is its artwork output. If you notice that lovely matte box in Sephora or Holt Renfrew in lots of beauty items, the likelihood of them using lamination is very high.

Luxury products have a tendency to choose matte lamination to offer the simple yet elegant look and employ gloss lamination to attain an exciting and striking appearance.

Ultra violet & AQ Finishing

If you are searching for any less costly option, you might like to consider low gloss AQ coating. Since AQ is water-based, most AQ coatings can be viewed as as food-safe.  (book together with your manufacturer to ensure their Food and drug administration compliant AQ coating).

AQ is broadly referred to as default of coatings due to its cost and effectiveness. It possesses a low gloss sheen that provides a little bit of texture towards the packaging but little it distracts your eyes. coating vs packaging

Ultraviolet Coatings (or Ultra violet coating), however, generates a glossy appearance much like gloss lamination.

Exactly what the difference?

Ultra violet coating is a lot more eco-friendly however it doesn’t match the force and protection that lamination provides.

Lamination is much more tear resistant and it is better outfitted to safeguard the packaging during shipping.

Ultra violet continues to be a well known choice, however, because it adds maximum vibrancy towards the packaging, it’s quick to create and it has a lesser cost per unit.

You can observe the main difference in paperboard coating close up.

Corrugated (Shipping & E-commerce)

Corrugated Shipping

Corrugated cartons are broadly employed for shipping and e-commerce packaging due to its thicker and sturdier material. coating vs packaging

Let’s take particular notice!

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Gloss Varnish (Little Gloss) / No-Coating

Designed for low to medium-runs, fundamental essentials better options. Why?

Digital printing for packaging is usually accustomed to print smaller projects for corrugated packaging to improve production efficiency, produce a faster turnaround some time and, obviously, lower unit cost.

This really is altering, however, because of the phenomenon of unboxing experience videos. Companies have become very likely to include more elements of design for their shipping boxes to leverage marketing possibilities.

Additionally, since the thickness from the corrugated material is sufficient to safeguard these products inside, the extra coating might not be needed.

With respect to the complexity or simple your colours and artwork (as well as your branding), you can still create a high-quality packaging box having a low gloss varnish or no coating whatsoever.


Much like paperboard packaging, a laminated coating provides your box using the ultimate protection in your artwork. coating vs packaging

Companies which use lamination on their own shipping boxes are often ones with very intricate information on their packaging and employ it as a way to completely maximize their artwork appearance that digital printing can’t do.

The only real disadvantage with gloss lamination or Ultra violet coating would be that the ripples from the material be prominent.

Luxury (High Finish)

Simplicity, minimalist, luxury and costly may be the typical sign of rigid box packaging. It’s a no-brainer that matte lamination is easily the most popular option for this kind of packaging.

Matte Lamination

Matte lamination is easily the most suggested coating for luxury boxes

It’s also the very best coating to make use of when incorporating special processes to your boxes for example embossing, foil rubber stamping and place Ultra violet.

Niche Coating

Should you only have ample budget to purchase your packaging design that needs more unique elements, you may also go for special coatings.

However, if budget isn’t an issue, why don’t you!

These a few of the niche coatings you should use:

  • Textured paper
  • Embossed and Debossed
  • Pearlized coating
  • Glittered
  • Reticulated
  • Scented
  • Foil Placed
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Selecting the very best coating for the product’s box packaging certainly requires your attention and time.

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