Conan Exiles DLC introduces buildings and armour from Khitai

conan exiles armor

Conan Exiles Armor, who actually only features the titular barbarian king for a couple of minutes, shows some love to Khitan players and fans of the Khitan aesthetic with his first piece of post-launch DLC: The Imperial East Pack. Buildings, furniture, weapons, and armor with a distinct Khitan slant can be created using the DLC, adding a bit more variety from the Exiled Lands.

In Robert E. Howard’s prehistoric era of the Hyboos, Khitai is a stand-in for Imperial China and East Asia generally, and the DLC leans a lot towards the familiar, so expect Chinese dragons, pagodas, and armor very ornate. Take a look and what you’ll get in the trailer below.

Downloadable content is just one part of Funcom’s post-launch plans for its survival game, and more free updates are also in the works.

“We are excited to have released the first DLC for Conan Exiles, but the DLC is just one part of the game’s post-launch strategy,” says Funcom Creative Director Joel Bylos. “We are also working on stability and bug fixes along with several free updates, including pets and taming, new dungeons, a new religion, and more. These are all major game-altering updates that will be provided free of charge to all players. “

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