Consequences of Plagiarism and how to overcome it


What is plagiarism?

Have you ever tried any plagiarism checker? Or just thought that what I am writing can be written somewhere else? Or just directly copied something from somewhere? If you have done any of the above three then you should read this whole article because this is just for you.

Plagiarism is taking somebody’s work and thoughts and afterwards declaring as yours. It is also known as a severe crime as in fraud and stealing.


Well, this is not just about copying or borrowing someone’s work and ideas but this is stealing and it really pisses off. These points will represent clearly what plagiarism is;

  • To steal someone’s ideas and present as your own.
  • To use someone else’s work without mentioning them or giving any credits.
  • To present something new that is derived from an exacting content.
  • Extracting the same point from an existing source and mentioning as yours.
  • Making someone’s else’s content your own
  • Changing words but not the sentences and their structure.
  • Copying the main ideas and presenting as yours, sometimes even before them.

Well, this theft comes in copyrights so the original owner has the right to sue you for this crime.

In most cases, you can avoid plagiarism just by simply acknowledging that if you are taking their ideas or sentences then mention them or simply just paraphrase the whole content.

Even sometimes people plagiarize without knowing because what you are writing could be written before so also, this is called accidental plagiarism, for this reason, you must check plagiarism of your content before presenting it.


What are the consequences of plagiarism?

Well, as we mentioned about plagiarism that this is an act of fraud and stealing.

So, there are so many consequences of plagiarism for everyone whether you are a professional or student.

As for students:

  1. Plagiarism can get you expelled from your school, university or college.
  2. It can totally ruin your results and reputations too.
  3. It can turn out to be your permanent suspension from your course.
  4. It could also end up in penalties and fines.
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As for professionals:

This is not just an academic issue but also is a serious offence in all the fields. While the public figures and writers normally face its consequences in great fines, penalties and even sometimes as at bigger levels they face the court’s sessions. It can professionally destroy your reputation, career and even previous work too.

It affects authors as if they use something in their content that is already published somewhere else then they have to pay great fines and even have to attend the court sessions.
As for celebrities and other public figures, they also face the same issue as in the penalties and courts meetings and even jail.
It brings out the worst sides of you and ruins your own creativity and thinking abilities. This is not just copying someone work at that time but it needs up in many bad ways and even for your own future.

How to overcome plagiarism:

Okay so, now move to the other step that fine, you have done plagiarism now what? That is exactly why we are here. So, there are many ways to overcome plagiarism but the best way is to paraphrase. Well, you can paraphrase yourself or if you don’t have enough time or don’t know how to paraphrase or just simply are too lazy to do so, then you can use paraphrasing tools.

So, now let’s start with how you can paraphrase yourself. Well using a paraphrasing tool is also not a bad thing but still, you also should know to do it yourself.

Paraphrasing is something to keep the main plot or message of the original text but change the words and sentences and represent a totally new unique version keeping the message of the original content. First, read the original text at least twice. Then close it and write it all down in your own version. Then edit it and proofread it, then check its plagiarism by using online plagiarism finder. Yes, this is that simple. So now using a paraphrasing tool is even simpler.
Open the content you want to paraphrase, copy it or download it on your computer. Then open a paraphrasing tool and upload the file there or paste the content. After this, click the paraphrase button then wait a few seconds and you’ll have your revised version.

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But, don’t forget to proofread it by your own human eye as sometimes the algorithms are so convinced to put the right sentence without caring about the sound of the article and sense of the sentence, so that is why proofreading it is so very important.So, this is how you can overcome your plagiarism problem, well for tools we have mentioned the best free plagiarism checkers and paraphrasing tools that will give you the results which will blow your mind and will leave a remarkable impression on your readers.

The best free plagiarism checkers:

The best free paraphrasing tools:

  • Softo
  • Spinbot
  • Quillbot

These are the best free online tools as in plagiarism checkers and paraphrasing tools. As people sometimes get stuck in finding the best for them because of the variety of choice on the internet we sometimes fail to choose the best for us that is why we have mentioned these tools for you so you don’t have to risk your content with that.

Final words:

This is how you can overcome the plagiarism problem and these are the consequences of plagiarism. The best way to overcome it is to paraphrase the whole content but keep the original main message of the text. So, now you know what the consequences you will face if you plagiarize are and how you can get rid of plagiarism easily. Hope you enjoy reading this article and got what you were here for.

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