Cooking Crush Is The Big Time Rush In Cooking Games 2020

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A lot of you out there are blessed with the skill of keeping things perfect and proper. You like keeping things in order and enjoy putting your focus on performing constructive tasks. People around you do not understand the satisfaction you feel when everything runs smoothly. You know it is your regular and constant efforts that keeps the machine well-oiled. Your commitment and work ethic often makes you come off as a ‘work junkie’ or a ‘clean freak’. Well, do not worry about the criticism. You are appreciated by those who care. Nonetheless, if you feel awkward, there is a solution to let you keep doing your thing — Cooking Crush!

My Experience And Concerns About Cooking Crush

  • Offline game: I, myself, heard about this wonderful new game and decided to give it a try. On downloading the new cooking games from the App Store, I did not know the treat I was in for. As the game loaded I could witness the beautiful and crisp graphics. Cooking Crush is an offline game so I was worried that it would take up a lot of space on my phone and all the apps would be slowed down but that did not happen.
  • Faster loading: Even though the game is offline, my phone ran at normal speed. The game loads pretty fast.
  • Easy Access Within Game: As opposed to other contemporary game displays, Cooking Crush does not show a game map. Instead, players can jump from various levels within the game by swiping left and right through the options. This makes it more accessible.
  • Tutorial Round: The first level is a sort of tutorial where the player can learn the basic moves in the game and get a grasp on the challenge.
  • Game Concept: The player has the position of the master chef in a restaurant and is responsible for taking orders, keeping the customers satisfied, cooking and serving up all the orders! A row of hungry customers line up in front of the player. You, the player, stand behind the counter. Your job is to whip up orders but make sure you are quick in pace. You do not want to make your customer wait for long.
  • Time Management: The game signifies the importance of time and its proper usage. As the cooking games for free progresses, you are pressed for time and you need to manage your time and tasks in a way that you finish maximum orders. The faster you are, the better tips you get so you have nothing to lose!
  • Combo meals: Combo meals are always a great deal when you are eating out. Similarly, customers within the game also prefer to order them. It is your job to move quickly. Again, this requires time management skills. Combo meals are also a deal for the player as they gather the most tips!
  • Yummy Food: The mouth-watering and scrumptious food are the reason you just want to keep playing more! The sight of succulent meaty dishes and cheesy pizza pies will make you hungry.
  • Cooking Inspiration: I am a kitchen whiz in real life. I deeply appreciate the art of cooking. I love trying new recipes every now and then. I have learned many good ones from Cooking Crush. I can’t wait to wow my guests at the next dinner I host!
  • A Positive Change: Prepare to make a wave in the real world with next to minimum effort! By simply playing this game, you can help out a children’s charity. Cooking in a virtual world can reward malnourished children in the real world. Help provide them fresh, healthy meals. Flowmotion has partnered with Backpack Buddies for this noble cause.
  • Healthy Mind: Cooking Crush publishers, Flowmotion Entertainment Inc., have introduced a feature, Daily Happiness Challenge, to help their players relax and unwind. These challenges include deep breathing exercises, counting blessings, smiling and being thankful. This feature has been used 3 million times!
  • Yes To The Best: I love this game. I am sure you will too!
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