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Bitcoin Gold cryptocurrency is the most decentralized cryptocurrency among bitcoins. The main initiator of the Bitcoin Gold hard fork is Jack Liao, who has been supplying mining equipment for a long time. 

When the world again heard information about another possible Bitcoin hard fork, there was a lot of surprise among the entire crypto community, after all, less than 2 months after the appearance of Bitcoin. But Jack Liao did not bother for a second, because he had a clear goal, which was to return the status of a truly decentralized cryptocurrency to Bitcoin. 

Differences between Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin

From a technical point of view, Gold is the same as Bitcoin. The main difference lies in the mining algorithms. When Gold was launched, the developers set a very specific goal for themselves – to make the payment system decentralized and place control over it in the hands of ordinary users, and not monopolists who are engaged in the production of mining equipment. 

BTG Converter

Did you know that electronic money easily becomes real? That they can be exchanged for other types of currencies transferred to your bank card and at the same time carry out all operations at the most favorable rate, winning up to 20-30% of the average commission on the market?

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For this, there are virtual exchangers. These are web resources through which you can buy or sell the required currency. Many exchangers, as a rule, are configured for automatic instant exchange, but there are also those where your operation will be carried out in manual mode. But the whole point is that the conditions are different in everyone. The run-up between courses can reach 10-20%, or even much more. And for this, you need to monitor the exchange market.

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You need to compare courses, find the most profitable solutions and no longer exchange at exorbitant prices. Obvious advantages of monitoring over the “blind” choice of an exchange office:

  • You are getting richer. If you used to exchange X for X at the standard rate, then after finding the most profitable direction you can get more profit.
  • You can finally do an exclusive currency exchange. The sites have a special section where you can quickly find options for double exchange. Thus, it is possible to solve the problem with the withdrawal-input of the rarest currencies.

Your exchange transactions become more secure. Users willingly leave their feedback on the work of exchangers. By reading them, you can choose the most reliable and responsible resources and reduce the risk of running into fraudsters by 99.9%

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If you want to find btg to btc calculator, then a profitable rate is important. How to determine which exchange office provides the best conditions for the selected date? The easiest way is to use the site on the Internet, where real information is published on all reliable exchangers for the current day.

On different sites you can find out where the profitable Bitcoin Gold to Bitcoin exchange is available. Monitoring of exchange services allows you to exchange and purchase currency cheaply and safely. The information base is presented in tabular form. You can quickly find the required string for a pair of interest. 

Each pair is characterized not only by the rate parameter, but also by the volume of the current reserve. The parameter of the current Reserve provides an opportunity to determine whether it is worth choosing the desired currency or its quantity is not enough to carry out the operation.

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