Custom packaging design for your business: the complete guide

Custom packaging

If you ever wondered what custom packaging is and what it can do to scale your business, then you have come to the right place. The packaging gurus from Packlion are here to share with you the secrets of great custom packaging design that attracts and sells with ease.

This comprehensive guide to custom packaging design will help you gain inspiration for your product packaging, choose the best materials and connect with your target audience through packaging. Keep on reading to learn more.

The advantages of custom packaging

Ditch the boring pre-set packaging that most of your competitors are using. Custom packaging is the best way to differentiate your brand and be unique and interesting. There are countless advantages of switching to custom packaging.

Here are some of the top benefits of custom product packaging:

  • Makes your brand stand out and sets your products apart
  • Makes your products recognizable when placed among competitor products
  • Helps build a positive first impression
  • Creates an unforgettable unboxing experience
  • Allows you to have full control over the size, materials, and functionality of the packaging, and its design elements
  • Protects the product and makes it look more attractive at the same time
  • Helps convey the right messages to your ideal customers
  • Elevates the overall client experience

How to create the best custom design for your product?

Think of your product’s specifics

What makes your product special? Why should people buy your product? What does it contain? What kind of a message do you want to send to consumers? Ask yourself all these questions and think about the specifics of your brand’s goods. That knowledge will give you a perfect baseline to create a stunning custom design that shows off the product qualities and best represents your company values.

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Choose the right materials

Materials matter. Especially in custom packaging when a company has actual control over the supplies being used. Settling for the cheapest low-quality materials may result in product damages during transportation and handling, leakage, easy wear-out, and most importantly – unhappy customers. To avoid that, we urge you to make more informed decisions.

In recent years, sustainable packaging materials are flooding the market and this rising trend is here to stay. Consumers are becoming more eco-conscious day by day, as they care about preserving the environment and lowering their negative impact through wiser purchase choices.

Businesses from all industries are also taking steps toward meeting client demands and becoming more sustainable by switching to biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable packaging. Some of the best renewable eco-friendly materials to consider for your custom packaging design are paper and cardboard.

Use visuals that speak to your target audience

Think about your ideal clients and incorporate visuals that send the right message to them through your custom packaging. Consider their demographics, age group and personal preferences when it comes to products. Then try to make your packaging attractive enough to capture their attention immediately.

Choose attractive fonts

The font is one of the most important design elements in custom packaging. Different fonts have different vibes to them and send a different message about what your products and brands are all about and what they represent.

Large bold fonts and all-caps are very fun and noticeable, which makes them perfect for companies that want to seem interesting and trustworthy. Italic and cursive fonts have a more luxurious feel to them and accurately represent feminine and calm vibes. Standard serif fonts are more laid back but evoke a message of professionalism and speak of an established brand.

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As a general rule in typography, remember that your texts should be easy to read, so think about the appropriate letter shapes and sizing of the fonts. And lastly, when making the design of your custom packaging, make sure to pick a font that accurately shows your company values, as well as the nature and contents of the product.

Include enough information

People want to know everything about the product they are purchasing. That’s why it is vital to share as much information on the packaging as possible, without making it look too cluttered or hard to read. Here is a list of what you need to include on the custom packaging label:

  • Branding elements (logo, slogan, brand colors)
  • Company details, contact information, and origin of the product
  • Product description
  • Product contents/ingredients
  • Instructions for safe usage (and dosage)
  • Any official certifications (if applicable)
  • Eco markers

Consider adding premium touches

Premium touches can make your custom packaging super attractive and increase the perceived value of your goods. Go for high-quality packaging boxes that are soft to the touch and easy to open, consider protective coating options, use the best printers and lasers, embrace the minimalism trend, and elevate the unboxing experience with freebies and add-ons.

How to choose the right packaging company?

When you are choosing a supplier for your custom packaging, there are a few things you need to consider and think about.

First and foremost, make sure the packaging company you select works with a wide range of materials, uses the latest technology machinery and has the capacity to meet your business needs in terms of packaging. Also, the perfect supplier should be flexible and able to deliver on time.

There is no need to search excessively when the right packaging company is just a click away. Packlion can help you with everything custom-packaging-related! Get in touch now to start your business transformation with custom packaging.

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