Data Destruction — What are my options?

Data Destruction

When it comes to data sanitization, you should be working with a qualified IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) provider.  Most providers can give you two options:  Onsite or Offiste.

  • Onsite refers to data sanitization services within your facilities.
  • Offsite refers to data sanitization performed at an ITAD’s facility. 

When you work with a qualified ITAD provider, both options are viable, however, not all providers have the capabilities to perform data sanitization onsite, nor can they provide certified onsite data erasure. Choosing a qualified ITAD provider that can provide certified onsite data erasure will always be the most secure option.

Onsite Data Destruction

A good ITAD company will only send trained (certified and with background checks) employees who specialize in data destruction. You will have the option to monitor and observe the entire data destruction process in real time. 

Another good reason for onsite data destruction is for legal regulations that apply to all businesses. Medical facilities are legally required under HIPAA to protect patients’ data, and this applies to Covered Entities and Business Associates that work with them. If you use a third-party processor for two or more transactions a month, you must comply to data destruction requirements under PCI. Or, if you’re part of a financial institution that provides loans, insurance, or financial/investment advice, GLBA requires transparency on data sharing practices and mandates that you safeguard all consumer data.

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As a leader in ITAD and data center decommissioning, it is vital that OceanTech meet or exceed all industry standards and data destruction regulations. We do this by maintaining R2:2013 Responsible Recycling, ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System and ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certifications. 

Offsite Data Destruction

Due to the time dedicated at your location for an onsite, offsite data sanitization will be a lot less expensive and requires a lot less coordination.  Most ITAD providers can pick up your equipment with their own freight trucks and some have their own “Ship to Us” programs that allow you to mail your assets to the ITAD’s facility.

Some ITAD providers will say that they choose not to offer onsite data sanitation due to the time and money you will save, but the real reason is that they don’t have the software or qualified employees to perform onsite erasure. The service requires portable equipment, multiple days of sole employee dedication to your project, and coordination from project managers to ensure everything goes to plan. To put it simply, most ITAD companies haven’t or won’t put the effort or means into offering these services.

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OceanTech has a strong commitment to the security of our clients’ confidential information. When data storage media is sold, transferred, or recycled, it is important to ensure that all data contained on these devices is eliminated. We offer a secure chain of custody for the transportation of equipment back to our facility where certified data destruction is performed. All proprietary labeling and asset tags are removed from all equipment to protect the privacy of our clients. 


Data destruction is a necessity; it is not a step that can be skipped. Onsite is best when dealing with extremely sensitive information, but offsite remains an adequate option as well.  We know how uncomfortable it is to think about a data leak or theft, but we also understand that cost and convenience are factors. 

Before making your final decision, reach out to an ITAD expert and have a conversation about what the process for onsite and offsite looks like. 

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