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A lawyer is skilled in the art of abidance of law, the one who finds loopholes in the system and appreciates the broader picture. A law degree can open doors to a wide range of careers in the legislature, judiciary, and executive.

This blog will take you through some of the interesting specializations in LLB:

  • Corporate Law: 

    This field caters to corporate professionals who require advice regarding corporations on their legal rights, privileges, and obligations. Lawyers who wish to pursue a career as a practicing corporate lawyer study constitution, ordinances, and statutes to help corporations in making important decisions by understanding the complexities of the business world.

  • International Law: 

    Professionals in this domain specialize in customs, traditions, and treaties witnessed by nations. They also deal with immigration laws, trade laws, labour, and employment laws.

  • Criminal Law:

    As the name suggests, this law field deals with criminals who commit crimes and offenses against the state. It is regarded as one of the oldest branches of law. The interesting part of this specialization is that the lawyer gets to prepare the case for defence as well as examining, cross-examining witnesses in court, interviewing clients, interrogating witnesses, conducting trials, and correlating findings.

  • Civil Law:

    This subject expertise deals with private rights of individuals, acting as trustee or guardian, damage suits, the depiction of deeds and wills, breach of contract suits, and mortgages. They must be aware of acts, rights, and remedies of all the laws pertaining to property, family, and criminal law. They are equipped with a great eye for details, analytical and logical skills, networking and soft skills, and a journalistic approach towards the latest developments in this domain.

  • Labour Law:

    The term defines everything in itself and this specialization deals with worker’s rights, workers, their respective associations, their working conditions, and duties. They are consulted by the organizations to settle down the issues between the firm’s employees and management.

  • Real Estate Law:

    This law specializes in the conveyance of the property by acting as trustee for property deeds for establishing titles of property, search records, and drafting up legal documents for mortgages and deeds.

  • Patent Law:

    Patent lawyers focus on securing patents for inventors from the patent’s office. They defend and prosecute patent infringement and prepare comprehensive specifications of the patent.

  • Media Law:

    This law specializes in various subject areas related to information technology, defamation, copyright, advertising, broadcasting, confidentiality, contempt, entertainment law, privacy, firm law and internet, on-line services, telecommunications, and censorship.

  • Competition Law:

    This specialization is a new addition to this family as it deals with banning abusive behaviour by a firm dominating a market along with supervising mergers and acquisitions of large corporations. They prohibit practices and agreements restricting free trading and competition between business, joint ventures, and others.

  • Intellectual Property Law:

    This law specializes in drafting rules for enforcing and securing legal rights to artists, designers, and inventors.

  • Mergers and Acquisition Law:

    This specialization focuses on laws that affect acquisitions, the purchase of one company by another, the blending of two companies into a new entity, or a merger.

Learn about the LLB subjects and develop a better understanding of the specializations that are on offer at prestigious law schools. It will prepare you to practice in diverse legal fields and to investigate the options that have not been previously considered.

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