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Technology has graced us with many benefits that allowed us to live conveniently and easily. From attending school to grocery shopping, almost everything can be done virtually. Dating is not an exception of course. During the previous decade, we’ve witnessed how dating apps and sites took the world by storm. Men and women have tried their luck in love by signing up on these platforms. 

With as easy as one, two, and three, everyone can create a profile that can appeal to the opposite sex. Who wouldn’t want to try something simple as that, right? 

What has changed so far?

If you are not keen enough or you are quite young, you probably haven’t realized how technology is changing, or rather, has changed dating and relationships. There are various differences that you should take note of after online dating has taken over our lives. Here are some of them:

Expanding your love search throughout the world

With a decent internet connection and a phone or a laptop, dating apps and sites can easily be accessed by anyone around the globe. As we speak, the number of users in dating platforms is increasing which means that your choices are also becoming more diverse. Interracial marriages have increased over the years with the advent of dating platforms. In the coming years or decades, it’s expected that more couples will come from these platforms.   

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You can connect with your partner anytime and anywhere

Communication is highly essential in order for a relationship to work, or everything will fall apart. In the digital age, communication is not a huge problem anymore for long-distance couples, and hooking up virtually is now a thing. 

Gone are the days when couples needed to wait for weeks or even months to send and receive a message from their significant other if they are miles apart. This development allows couples to bring themselves together even if they are physically apart. 

Online dating has benefits for love seekers with specific goals

From the standard ones, dating apps and sites have evolved to cater to the preferences of many love seekers around the world. There are niche platforms which allow you to “filter” your search and make things easier for you. 

For instance, even if you’re looking for someone with the same career goals, religious beliefs, or even a person with a beard, you can definitely find a platform that suits your needs. There are also platforms that are dedicated to individuals who are committed to a relationship and looking for someone to hook up with, such as Ashley Madison. 

You can find out everything about your potential partner

If you want to learn about a certain topic, you can easily look it up on search engines, and in just a blink of an eye, you’ll have a list of numerous sources of information. This also applies if you are interested in getting to know a person you just met on dating apps or sites. 

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Almost every person around the world has at least one active social media account where his or her information can be seen by the public. In this age, we can learn more about a person without asking his friends, families, colleagues, or anyone close to them thanks to the internet. 

“Ghosting” is becoming normal

If you are using dating platforms, you’ve probably heard of or you’ve experienced how it feels to be “ghosted.” Ghosting happens when someone stopped keeping in touch with you without giving reasons. This is not a rare occurrence, and it can happen to anyone within a dating platform. Recovering from ghosting can be difficult to do at first, but you can do it by believing to yourself and as the time passes.

Online dating can be full of lies and deception 

Dating platforms do not require its users to declare their real name and any personal information which makes online dating difficult. A user can use a name on his discretion and take advantage of this setup to trick other users. While honesty and caution is encouraged while using dating platforms, using false information to deceive other people just causes massive disappointment and creates more negative perception toward virtual dating.

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