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If you are likely to walk the walk of standard workouts, you should also talk the talk. Get began by understanding a few of the fundamental relation to fitness and workout.

Exercise and Fitness Reference


Involving repetitive utilisation of the large muscles, temporarily growing heartbeat and respiration.


The opportunity to maintain bodily equilibrium while standing still or moving.

Balance training

Activities made to improve challenges to balance.

Baseline activity

Activities of daily existence, for example standing and walking gradually.

Body composition

The proportion of lean mass (made up of muscle, bone, vital tissue and organs) and fat in your body.

Bone-strengthening activity

Activities which involve impact or tension around the bones, promoting bone strength and growth. Weight lifting, running, and rope jumping are examples.

Cardio-respiratory system endurance

The opportunity to deliver nutrients and oxygen to tissues more than a sustained time period.


How lengthy it requires to have an activity or exercise to become performed.


Repetitive exercise performed to be able to improve or maintain health and fitness or health.


The plethora of motion possible in a joint, or the opportunity to use muscles and joints through their full flexibility.

Versatility exercise

Exercise made to improve ale some pot to maneuver via a full flexibility.


The quantity of effort needed to have an activity or exercise.

Interval training workouts 

A workout regimen by which times of energetic activity alternate with less energetic times of recovery.

Isometric exercise

Contraction of muscle without shortening from the muscle, as when pushing against an immovable object.

Lifestyle activities

Activities performed regularly in daily existence, for example climbing stairs or walking.


The abbreviation for metabolic equivalent. Metabolic equivalent is really a unit of one’s expenditure, or metabolic cost, of exercise. One MET may be the rate of one’s expenditure while sitting resting.

Moderate-intensity exercise

Exercise that increases heartbeat and respiration, while still allowing conversation.

Muscle-strengthening activity

Activity or exercise made to work a number of muscles.

Muscular endurance 

Ale muscles to sustain repeated contractions.

Muscular strength

Ale a muscle to exert pressure.



Any movement that increases energy expenditure over a baseline level.

Health and fitness

The opportunity to perform daily routines without getting excessively tired.


A rise in the intensity, frequency, and/or time period of a task during a period of time.


In strengthening activities, the amount of occasions fat loss is lifted.

Strength training

Exercise applying potential to deal with movement, for example using weights or stretch bands.


Ale a muscle or group of muscles to exert pressure.

Energetic-intensity exercise

Exercise that increases heartbeat and respiration to the stage that just a couple of words could be spoken before pausing to trap a person’s breath.

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