Does Wyndham have a timeshare exit program?

Wyndham timeshare

Wyndham timeshares is one of the most excellent timeshares in the world. You can be a part of the Wyndham Destinations family under many brands. Wyndham owners love their timeshares, and it is simple to see why! However, it is impossible to hold on to your ownership anymore. You might be considering how to exit from Wyndham timeshare. There are options out there, and you wish to ensure you are going with the safest ones.

Certified Exit

Wyndham Destinations, the world’s largest vacation ownership, and exchange company have launched a new benefits program known as Certified Exit – supported by Wyndham to make it simpler for its owners throughout all brands in its Wyndham Vacation Clubs to completely understand their options all through their whole ownership lifecycle, including when it is time to exit.

Wyndham timeshare exit has been a source of confusion historically for some owners who have turned to third-party exit companies for assistance. Aggressive solicitations using false and misleading information by many third-party companies have cost owners dollars in upfront fees and financial adversity for a service over-assured and frequently never delivered.

While timeshare developers in the industry have encouraged owners to directly work with their developer/resort company to find an existing exit solution, Wyndham hopes the Certified Exit program will clarify this message. With Certified Exit, it is the first company in the timeshare industry to dedicate a whole program to help owners through the exit process. It is provided to owners with no up-front fees, unlike the exit companies. Certified Exit offers a free-of-charge service to enable present Wyndham owners to way out their ownership and give it up directly to Wyndham! This program includes both an online form and a direct phone number to get in touch with Wyndham directly and start the process of ending your ownership.

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Requirements for an owner to use this program

  • Your ownership should be paid off
  • You cannot be wrong in your maintenance fees

There are no secrets, no special fees, and no hidden agendas! If you have a Wyndham points or Timeshare you want to chuck out, you can just call the number on the website and start the fast and simple process of giving your Timeshare back to Wyndham.

Why do more owners do not use this program?

Wyndham owners do not recognize the program subsists! Wyndham is not going out of its way to endorse such a program, even though they advertise its existence regularly to Wyndham owners.
Several Wyndham Timeshare owners feel they are trapped with their timeshare, and doing a search on Google will return hundreds of results the maximum of which are upfront fee Timeshare exit companies guarantees a simple way out!

Rest assured when you get in touch with them, you would not be told about this ovations program as if you knew, why would you pay them money to do something you can do yourself for free with a phone call?

Wyndham Cares against Third-Party Timeshare Exit Companies

Before you ask yourself how do I cancel my Wyndham timeshare?, it is essential to know the options available. It is also vital to know that there are fraudulent companies in the industry and educate yourself on avoiding them. Following are a few things to think about while considering a Wyndham timeshare cancellation.

Although Wyndham Cares provides owners exit options that are secure and supported by the developer, third-party timeshare exit companies claim they can also help you exit from Wyndham timeshare.

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These third-party timeshare exit companies do not promise that you can annul your timeshare contract. Several timeshare exit companies make groundless promises for a vast fee. In maximum cases, these technology companies could not do anything that you cannot already do yourself by getting in touch with Wyndham.

There is no motive to use an exit company that necessitates an upfront fee for a Wyndham timeshare annulment. Doing so will likely only result in you getting alienated from your money devoid of actual timeshare cancellation.

Is it possible to cancel Wyndham Timeshare?

If bought from Wyndham, buyers can cancel a Wyndham timeshare within the initial days of purchasing it referred to as the rescission period. State laws usually mandate a period in the state in which your Wyndham timeshare was bought. Check your sales documents for information as the laws are different state by state, but the timeframe might be anywhere from the day after the purchase to two weeks out from the purchase date, at times less. Such periods do not apply to a third party or by-owner sales.

You can also contact Wyndham directly to see if they will cancel your timeshare ownership. Although there is no assurance that Wyndham will permit you to exit, they do have a customer care department known as Wyndham Cares established to talk about the problem with owners. Owners looking to cancel just wish to be done with their timeshare. A way to get this done is to sell and transfer ownership of Wyndham timeshare to a fresh owner. This is where working with a certified timeshare resale agent can assist, as they work as a standard real estate agent with no upfront fees.

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