Doom Eternal’s new enemy, the Doom Hunter, revealed at QuakeCon

doom hunter

Apparently this is the year of Doom (make your own topical joke here), and that means QuakeCon 2019 has a strong doom hunter flavor. We’ve already learned all about Doom Eternal’s multiplayer battle mode, which pits a player as an Assassin against two player-controlled demons.

Doom Hunter

Speaking of heck, here’s a new one, which debuted through the previous video at QuakeCon. The Doom Hunter is a demon and machine hybrid created specifically to hunt down the Doom Slayer. So, you know, good luck with that. With its bull horns, missile launcher, glowing blade arm, skull pistol, and seemingly a jet ass, the Doom Hunter is quite a fearsome monster. But obviously, it will be smashed into pieces in a detailed and loving deletion animation.

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