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These days, with the advent of digital marketing, nearly every other site has tried various tactics to rank on top of Google’s search page. And why not? Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a freelancer, or a blogger – make sure that your content is visible to users! Gaining traffic during initial stages can surely be difficult. 

When a user stumbles upon a site, they expect to see noteworthy and informing content. The content should grasp the attention of a consumer in mere seconds. That’s why It is necessary to provide original content, devout of plagiarism.

To tackle such an issue, use a plagiarism checker and find duplicate content on your site instantly. By using an efficient plagiarism checker, the quality of your content increases by a tenth fold and assures higher rankings. 

Why is a Plagiarism Checker so Important?

For a blogger or any other content strategist, getting caught using duplicate content is humiliating. Not only that, in fact, but a site’s reputation and ranking can also drastically go down as well. The last thing you want is for a site to plummet just because of content infringement. 

In the worst-case scenario, Google can even ban a site altogether because of repetitive plagiarism. To avoid such circumstances, it’s certainly important to use a worthy plagiarism checker.

So, Which Plagiarism Checker Should You Use to Find Duplicate Content?

Duplicate, mediocre, and unoriginal content is slowly becoming the norm these days, unfortunately. To combat this, a lot of plagiarism test software has emerged over the years. Now, there’s a ton of software to choose from; each has its set of own pros and cons. 

That is why we’ve shortlisted three “plagiarism checkers,” each uncovered in-depth. Surely, all the following tools will satisfy you in one way or another. Also, luckily, they are free-to-use as well! So, let’s take a look at it!

  • Plagiarism Software 
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Plagiarism Software includes all the salient features one requires in a duplicate content checking tool. Along with fundamental features, the software includes support for cloud storage, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Marketed on the basis of it’s “deep search” feature, the plagiarism checker effortlessly scans through piles of content to find plagiarized material. 

After an in-depth analysis of plagiarism, the file can be downloaded as a PDF report – this feature is a handy one for sure. This similarity checker also does not discriminate in the case of formats. Nearly every other type of file can be easily uploaded. Additionally, there’s a grammar and spelling correction option!

The site has currently served more than 500,000 users. Being in the business for over 7 years, Plagiarism Software is certainly a trustworthy name. You can use this online tool by following this link: 


  • Confidentiality assured
  • A “deep search” feature 


  • Has a 500-word restriction. To increase word-count, purchase a premium plan
  • Occasionally detects the wrong text as plagiarized
  • Small SEO Tools

A plagiarism checker that shows up on top of Google’s results, it is one of the most visited plagiarism sites ever! As far as checking duplicate content is concerned, Small SEO Tools efficiently provides instant results – sourcing links and highlighting duplicate content as well.

With support from Dropbox, Google Drive, and even WordPress – this software ensures diverse functionality. Upload from either of the platforms or directly through local storage. There are endless options. Also, when duplicate content gets detected, there’s an automatic rewriting feature to rephrase sentences!

For “easy-to-read” articles, this software is recommended because it fails to detect complex sets of words, occasionally.

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Nearly every other digital format is supported, along with support from various languages. Yes, documents in foreign languages can be scanned as well here!


  • A list-based, sentence-wise result
  • Special integrated support for WordPress


  • Ads appear in-between
  • Gives a percentage overview of plagiarized content. Rather than highlighting individual text
  • Search Engine Reports

Search Engine Reports is another well-known plagiarism checker that works on not only detecting plagiarism but includes a reverse image search feature as well. Other notable characteristics are worth noting as well, such as grammar checker, article rewriter, and support for other languages. 

The site is currently scanning 2000-word documents for a limited time; you should utilize this opportunity. To check normal, everyday articles – use Search Engine Reports. For in-depth scanning, this software might not be the best option. As it does not redirect to original sources, it’s not suited for articles that require a lot of citations.

Also, developers assure that uploaded files are encrypted and get deleted later on. It’ll surely satisfy you in terms of safety measures!


  • Direct upload support from Dropbox
  • Additional features other than plagiarism 


  • Annoying ads can be a hurdle
  • Not suitable for academic sites

Final Words

The above-discussed information may help you in understanding the negative effects of plagiarism. The tools mentioned may also assist you in finding the duplication in your content within no time.

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