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Hi, guys!
Today’s news is about security. Everyone cares about internet security and has his own habits like unique passwords, an antivirus he trusts, private browsing mode, etc…
When we talk about security, the use of reliable software is of utmost importance too. Especially now, when the Internet abounds in apps of any kind. Google’s policy prohibits malicious programs and online resources and closes them. Still, their amount grows at a high speed, and you need to be on your guard.
We at DVDVideoSoft value security and view it as the foundation of the customer relationship. We guarantee that our software is safe and reliable for download and use. Every new app version is thoroughly tested with a number of antivirus apps before we release it.
As YouTube downloader apps are popular now, we gathered the ones you can trust in one article for you.
If you have questions, we are always here to help: [email protected]

Fix for Free TikTok Downloader is out!

Not long ago Free TikTok Downloader failed to download links from TikTok. Thanks to your requests and continuous support the download algorithm has been fixed. You can check this yourself by downloading and installing the fresh version of our Free TikTok Downloader.
What else? We created a couple of super-handy blog posts where you’ll learn to
- convert YouTube videos to iTunes for free
- download YouTube videos without losing quality
- extract high-quality audio from YouTube
and whatnot. Got interested? Stay tuned and follow the news!

Fix for the installation Runtime error

Long time no see!
We received hundreds of requests from users who failed to install YouTube download apps because of the Runtime error.
Today we’re finally ready to announce the release of new versions that work.
Both apps can be updated from the main web page. The installation will go smoothly and without interruptions this time.
It is also recommended to install the new version if you
- can’t download complete playlists from YouTube,
- get the ‘Can’t get video info (1000)’ error message on download.
Any more errors? Our support is always here to help.

New Year wishes by DVDVideoSoft

Are you ready to welcome the year 2021? We all hope that the new year will be successful, cheerful and peaceful.

Let’s create the new year atmosphere with joyful winter songs downloaded from YouTube. It’s time to leave behind all the regrets and troubles and be ready to open a new page of a 365-page book.

Our DVDVideoSoft team wishes strong health, happiness and good luck to you and your family. Thank you for staying with us.

Happy New Year!

Christmas greetings from the DVDVideoSoft team

It’s beginning to feel more and more like Christmas all around the world with these lights and decorations around us and the hustle and bustle of holiday planning. We hope you’re having a wonderful time preparing for the most-awaited day of the year. And want to share with you a couple of tips that can help you create a holiday atmosphere.
- Nothing makes us get into a holiday spirit so easy as music. There are plenty of Christmas songs and ready-made playlists on YouTube. Select all that you like and save them to your desktop with the YouTube music downloader. This should definitely be on your to-do list of Christmas preparations. You won’t have to bother about the internet connection and ads after all.
- Our next tip is for all who love karaoke! Search for videos with lyrics on YouTube and add all you enjoy to your YouTube downloader. Save them by pressing the Download button just once.

Our team wishes you a blessed and peaceful Christmas and a happy New Year 2021. Take care of yourself!

New versions are ready to use

Dear Users,

After the Windows update some of you have faced several annoying errors. Our team is aware of this issue. If you have any problems with downloading from YouTube, please install the latest version available on our website for the apps: Free YouTube Download and Free YouTube to MP3 Converter.

New versions contain important fixes that should make the DVDVideoSoft software compatible with recent YouTube and Windows OS updates.

Just give them a try and feel welcome to share the results. Have a nice day and stay safe!

Halloween update

Hello Everyone!
During the last week, you could experience download errors while saving YouTube content. With Halloween around the corner, we wanted to give our users a stable and reliable version to get prepared for the fest this weekend. The update includes a number of important fixes and improvements and is currently available for download from our website. Get fresh installs for your Free YouTube Download and Free YouTube To MP3 Converter right away.

Be safe. Have fun. Happy Halloween!

Free video download from YouTube is so easy!

Hi, guys!

Are you looking for a safe and reliable YouTube downloader for Windows? We can offer you even two apps! And their main benefit: these downloaders are absolutely free. All program features are available without any Premium charges.

Do you want to learn more? Follow the link to read an extremely useful article about two completely free YouTube Downloaders. Don’t be afraid of complex technical terms - you won’t find them here.

Try the guide now and enjoy the free video download from YouTube. You definitely won’t be disappointed!

Fresh updates and useful tips from the DVDVideoSoft team

Cool news for those who have been experiencing the 100003 and 10000 download errors during the last weeks. The issue was connected with YouTube changes and it is finally fixed!
Update your YouTube downloader and YouTube to MP3 converter to version 4.3.28 and enjoy the best from YouTube!!
What else?
We often get emails where users ask us how to operate with different program options. This encouraged us to create a couple of new guides. Check the links below to learn how to
- download YouTube to MP4 unlimited length video
- save 8K video from YouTube to your PC
- convert YouTube to MP3 320 kbps
- add downloaded YouTube files to iTunes automatically
- download audiobooks from YouTube
Want to know more? Email our support at [email protected] and ask your question!

News on YouTube downloading issues

Dear Users,

If you’ve experienced some problems downloading from YouTube, then you definitely need to try the latest updates. Our engineers developed necessary fixes to make DVDVideoSoft programs compatible with YouTube changes.

All you need is to download and install the latest version published on our website: Free YouTube Download and Free YouTube to MP3 Converter.

Try them right now and enjoy downloading videos and music from YouTube!

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