Tips to Effectively Package and Ship Your Game Box

Effective Packing

Many avid gamers voluntarily pay plenty of cash on premium shipping to have an easy mind. It is crucial that your game box is smartly designed to make sure that the item will get to good shape.

Creating a functional, protective and well-designed packaging for collectibles is definitely challenging. This is actually the situation for firms that manufacture simple card and games.

Packaging plays a large role in the prosperity of a game title venture.

We produced a listing of the most basic factors you need to know and think about.

Which kind of Game Have You Got?

You have to plan the packaging of the card or game based on the size them or boards along with the quantity of game pieces that’ll be placed within the box.

Standard Paperboard for Games

Standard paperboard boxes are perfect for games without dice or any other pieces. There are plenty of paperboard materials available to select from based on your financial allowance and needs.

Paperboard boxes are cost-effective, customizable, and could be printed using any technique.

Here’s a good example that people did for Edge:

Go Premium For Multiple Game Pieces

By selecting premium rigid packaging, you’re certain them are not only seen well-protected however the packaging can also be visually appealing.

There are lots of methods to give buyers an incredible customer experience through presentation. Creating striking designs is possible using a combination of colors, pull-up inserts, as well as stickers.

Choose Which Structure & What Material to make use of

Before deciding which structure and material for your packaging, perform a research around the box size other games which are of the identical theme as yours.

Retailers love categorizing the games and stacking them together in order to save space. If how big your game box differs from other games within the same genre, retailers may put your product on the different shelf.

But, take care not to try to intentionally fit the sport pieces in the box that’s not big enough.

Remember, the aim would be to make certain the game pieces are very well protected, and never crammed up.

Also, bear in mind that individuals who bought the games are likely to share it using their buddies or go with other places, so don’t result in the game box too large otherwise necessary.

Gamer’s don’t appreciate an enormous box that contains a couple of game products and outdoors.

When it comes to packaging materials, you are able to decide regardless of whether you want card board boxes, plastic, or wood.

Just about all game manufacturers choose card board boxes, however, many also prefer using plastic so people may use reuse and re-purpose the packaging.

Wood may also be utilized with respect to the theme from the game.

Designing Your Game Box Packaging

The style of your packaging should appeal to buyers and lure these to continue reading to understand how the sport works.

Striking designs with big headlines and witty taglines may influence people and push these to purchase the game.

The leading side from the box should contain details about the amount of players needed, age range, along with the manufacturer’s emblem.

If each one of these don’t fit around the entrance from the box, you may also put them quietly where individuals can easily see them if they’re stacked alongside.

Also, remember to include the needed legal information and symbols at the rear of this area. You are able to consult lawyers if you are unsure what to incorporate in the sport packaging.

Remember, you will find regulatory physiques that offer rules that game manufacturers have to adhere to. Individuals who don’t comply cannot use or add some logos of those regulatory physiques within their packaging.


You need to carefully plan the depth from the game box and steer clear of which makes it too thin or too tall.

When the depth isn’t correctly planned, stacking the sport is going to be challenging for retailers and also the game box might disappear the shelves frequently.

Inside Box

Some game manufacturers choose to have plain inside boxes for additional protection and to supply a better unboxing experience.


Card board, plastic or foam inserts may be used to produce a partition and also to avoid products motionless within the game box.

By putting inserts, people may also straighten out game pieces before storing them. Inserts also ensure game products are safe and won’t bump with one another.

Special Print Ad-Ons

Embellishments can also add value and increase your packaging. You need to choose print finishes that complement the general style of the sport box packaging and boost its aesthetic and haptic appeal.

It’s very easy to consider that you’re going overboard especially because there are plenty of embellishment possibilities now.

Bear in mind that many people do not need to purchase the sport, so make your packaging convince them to do this.

Here are a few print finishes generally utilized by game manufacturers:

Place Ultra violet

This finishing technique adds a obvious, shiny coating to a particular regions of the sport box to produce a watch-catching contrast.

Additionally, it adds an even touch towards the surface where it had been applied, giving the packaging both aesthetic and haptic appeal.

Foil rubber stamping

Foil rubber stamping is really a machine-based print finishing technique in which a metallic or pigmented foil is used to come to light using heated dye.

It’s broadly employed for games, but game board manufacturers also employ this method since it adds a lavish effect towards the packaging.

Modern coating approaches for game boxes

There are more modern coating techniques that enhance the feel of game boxes.

Gloss and matte lamination will also be becoming more and more common as they be capable of put focus on the colours for much better contrast or make sure they are look muted.

Soft touch coating it is able to add luxurious, tactile feel towards the game box packaging. It’s a popular option for game manufacturers.

Shipping Your Products Correctly

Package Shipping

Following the tiresome procedure for designing your game’s packaging, now comes the shipment.

Shipping your board and games can be tough. Using the tips provided below, you’ll surely beat the chances of getting the item broken on the road.

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1. Choose the best kind of box for shipment

You’ll need to actually use durable and appropriately-sized boxes. This really is crucial, particularly when delivering your games in large quantities.

Don’t fit a lot of products in a single box and then leave a minimum of 1” gap on all corners.

2. Use bubble-wrap

The games ought to be encircled by compressible and light-weight materials, for example bubble-wrap, to safeguard them.

Cushions may also be added between your game boxes for added security. This can make sure that paint materials around the packaging doesn’t keep to the the surface of other game boxes.

3. Use shrink wrap or plastic bags to avoid water damage and mold

The elements could be unpredictable. It’s suggested to make use of shrink wrap or plastic bags to package your game box from potential damage.

4. Place a Fragile sign up this area

Doing this will alert shipping personnel and stop them from manhandling the shipment boxes.

Packaging designs for card and games are easier in this way that manufacturers’ primary focus is aimed at making people know how the sport works. But, the correct size and structure from the packaging ought to be because of the attention they might require.

Your packaging may appeal to the buyers, but when it doesn’t function properly or doesn’t safeguard the sport products, you very well may get frustrated gamers who won’t think hard about departing a poor review for the game.

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