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Every one of us has a favorite book, with its unique plot and characters. How many times have we created something similar, only to drop this almost at the end of publishing? The main reason for this breakdown is not the lack of talent, but the lack of practice. Surely, all we want is a fast result, but building an engaging story requires daily experience.

To make yourself a valuable author, start exploring a creative essay. This involves a brief story, where every beginner writer can train their narrative skills easily. In this article, we’ve collected the most effective rules to help you write a creative essay effortlessly!

Try various topics.

When you are curious about what topic to choose, try several of them. For example, you can try a topic that is familiar to you or start with writing a book review essay thinking over your own ending of a famous book, or write an essay about an event in your life that influenced your position today. Writing daily on each topic will unleash your imagination and help you with more significant works.

You can train your creativity by writing an essay on one of these topic examples:

What would your best vacation look like in a totally technological world?

What can actually save the world: beauty or kindness?

What would you do if you became invisible for one day?

Who would you like to meet from great personalities from the 20th century that had already passed away? Why?

What love story from classic world literature reminds you of today’s relations between men and women?

If everyone at the Earth could choose only one thing to do, what would you choose? Speak about your hobby.

Read others’ works.

This tip is helpful when the author needs to find some inspirational sources. There is much literature on how to improve your creative writing and implement new skills in your essay. For example, you can start with “Everybody Writes” By Ann Handley, “On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft” by Stephen King, or any fiction literature, because it gives us the curiosity to find answers by ourselves.

Also, beginner writers can find useful information at student blogs, which have ultimate guides for academic and creative writing. Reading feedback from other students at the WriteMyEssayOnline review page will help you better understand why these services are so popular among writers.

Keep the essay structured.

The structure of a creative essay is a significant part of a successful writing process. It helps beginners to maintain the chain of events and readers to not be bored. In the introduction, present the villain and hero. If your essay is non-fiction, start speaking about the topic from two opposite viewpoints to create the main conflict later on.

In body paragraphs, the author usually raises the confrontation with an active turning point. This brings the essay to a new level, and the conflict comes to its climax. Afterward, you should show the resolution of all the knots and lead the reader to the story’s logical end.

Make writing a habit.

As plain as it sounds, you need to write daily to be a professional creative essay writer. If you are not useful with self-discipline, get modern habit trackers based on various mobile platforms. For example, Loop Habit Tracker helps you to perform with a new habit in one month. Simply earn the score every day by writing no less than a fixed amount of words, and check the result in your monthly and annual statistics.

One of the most helpful programs for writing a large amount of words of your essay is Ilys. It is also a good trainer when you need to write something fast. Set a custom number of words and start typing. The secret is you can’t see the full text and edit it until you reach the word goal.

Ask for feedback before publication.

It doesn’t matter whether you need to write a creative essay for a class or a professional blog; you need to approach the editing process carefully. Give your piece to someone who is independent and indifferent to your work. This will help you get honest responses on the story’s clarity, dialogue, and characters.

If you check your creative essay by yourself, leave it for a while, and then read it with fresh eyes. Track the narrative flow, rhythm, and correctness. If you decide to include a person from outside in the editing process, be up and coming. Never hesitate to ask your peer to give you a response on the engagement and delivery. However, a professional editor will help you with spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Generally, the essay writing process is creative by itself, so whatever topic you choose, you can make your text the ultimate piece of art. Believe in yourself and write like nobody’s watching!

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