Electrical Safety Reminders During Bathroom Remodeling

bathroom electrical system

Electrical safety is important to protect your family and your home. Whether it’s repairing the cords or hot water tank repair, we don’t want you to have a close call with an electrical hazard, so we’ve put together some reminders that will help keep everyone safe.

Follow the electrical code.

  • Follow the electrical code.
  • Have an electrician check your work.
  • Make sure you have a permit first.
  • Check with your local building department to make sure you are following the code, as some areas may have special requirements for bathroom remodels that differ from those of other rooms in the house.
  • If you are not sure, call an electrician!

Choose the Right Outlets and Switches.

  • If you’re remodeling the bathroom, choose GFCI outlets. Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) are an important safety feature that can be found in many homes. They detect any difference between the amount of current flowing into an outlet and the amount of current flowing out—and turn off power if something is wrong.
  • Don’t forget to use GFCIs for your bathroom electrical system as well. Replace old outlets with GFCIs or install them in new construction so that you have a safer outlet for wet areas like showers and sinks.
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Keep Electrical Outlets Away from Water Sources.

  • Electrical outlets should be at least 6 inches away from any sink or tub.
  • Electrical outlets should be at least 6 inches away from the shower or bathtub.
  • Electrical outlets should be at least 3 feet away from your toilet, even if it’s in a separate room that doesn’t have a direct path to the bathroom itself (like an outside wall).

Use an Electrician for All Your Electrical Needs.

  • How to find a good electrician
  • How to communicate with an electrician
  • What you should expect from your electrician

Following electrical code helps keep your home and family safe

To keep your home and family safe, it’s important to follow the electrical code. Choosing the right outlets and switches can help prevent electrical fires. Keep electrical outlets away from water sources, including sinks, toilets, and showers. If you are doing a bathroom remodel or have an existing bathroom that needs updating, consider hiring an electrician to make sure all the proper safety precautions are taken before beginning any wiring or outlet installation work.

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Following the electrical code and using a licensed electrician will help ensure your home is safe. Electrical issues can be dangerous and are often difficult to repair if they are not done properly by a professional. The best way to avoid these problems is to hire an expert like this electricians in Melbourne to take care of any electrical needs you may have.

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