Escape Rooms- An Educational Tool For Life Skills

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Escape room adventures are real-time challenges that offer an exhilarating experience. In these adventurous games, the participants are confined in an enclosed room with a mission to escape before the time runs out. Their only weapon is their ability to think. Game fanatics around the globe love escape room adventures for their diverse storylines and immersive approach towards entertainment.

Besides being a source of entertainment, escape room adventures also act as an educational tool. Confused? Well, allow us to elaborate. This 60-minute escapade encourages us to understand and comprehend various life skills. It also helps us gain valuable knowledge about different aspects of life. Below, we have listed five pointers that will help you understand the relation between escape room games and their contribution as an educational tool. So, let’s dive into it.

1) Boosts decision-making power 

In an escape room game, the participants have to think out-of-the-box. This challenge becomes more interesting because of the time limit. This intrigues the participants to make a final decision to solve a mystery before it’s too late. Therefore, escape room adventures encourage us to make a decision and bravely face the consequences. This is a crucial life skill that can be highly beneficial in the long run.

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2) Enhances our communication skills 

As we all know, escape room challenges require the teammates to interact and share their ideologies. The participants communicate with one other and brainstorm together to fathom the victory. One crucial success factor at these games is how effectively the players can communicate the pieces they come across with their team. The bigger picture becomes apparent only after the smaller ones are put together logically. The missing parts can make it highly challenging; thus, communication becomes vital. This unique ideology encourages the participants to work on their communication skills and be more expressive of their thoughts.

3) Makes us alert and attentive

Escape room adventures are all about hidden mysteries and clues. A hint or clue can be hidden at any corner in the game. Thus, individuals have to be alert and attentive at all times if they do not want to miss any piece. This approach allows players to be more self-aware of their surroundings which is an important and pretty useful life skill in the long run.

4) Increases data retention ability 

Let’s face it, solving a mystery is not everyone’s cup of tea. People have to put two and two together and conceptualize in a time-sensitive situation. They have to keep track of all the clues and hints collected by their team to do so. The data retention ability of players is enhanced, and they find themselves memorizing crucial things. This is an important life skill that enables individuals to enhance their memory and increase data retention ability and be more efficient in their day-to-day life.

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5) Helps us realize our Strengths

On the careful assessment of the team during an escape room experience, we can generally identify their strengths and weaknesses. Some might exhibit good leadership skills, while some might be a good navigator or observer. The team works together on a common goal, and each member eventually starts playing on their strengths. This is the reason why many companies consider escape rooms for team-building and corporate events. They can use this realization to harness their strengths even more and start working on their shortcomings.

Final Verdict 

Escape rooms are gaining significant popularity over the past few years. The participants love to immerse themselves in these nerve-wracking challenges that intrigue their inner detective. These experiences have been known well in the field of entertainment.

But now, these games have spread their wings and evolved significantly over time. Besides an entertainment source, it is also used as a learning tool. Some educational institutions and others too have started using escape rooms for evaluation as well as imparting lessons. We hope this article helps you understand some of the ways how escape rooms contribute to learning.

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