Essential Tips To Speak English Fluently

English Fluently

English is the only language spoken in all parts of the world, which is why it has become important to learn and be fluent in this language. The people who have english as their native language will not find any difficulties in fluency of the language. But, for those people who have english as a foreign language may find it difficult to follow the language and be fluent. If you are somebody who is ready to practice and prepare well, you can speak english as easily and fluently as your mother tongue.


Listening is the first step to learning any language. You must listen very carefully to the language and its accents. There will be multiple dialects and accents of english, which may confuse you. To overcome the confusion, the standard english is to be listened to like the english spoken in BBC news. Listening to the standard english and pronunciations can help you in formal and professional spaces and be fluent in the language. LIstening to the language can register thoughts in your brain, helping you to connect and recollect the situations and use appropriate words and phrases at the proper time.

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Speak as much as you can.

Speaking is the next step in learning a language. To be a fluent speaker, you should speak as much as you can. It’s okay to make mistakes while speaking. The important thing is that you keep on speaking and one day, your broken english becomes the most fluent and smooth one. It is important to know that english fluency will not happen overnight. It takes time to be fluent in a language. You must be patient enough, be determined and consistent in your practices. Everyday, you must allot some time for listening and speaking in english.

Reading is feeding 

Reading english books and newspapers can enrich your vocabulary and knowledge. When you read a book or newspaper, it is quite natural to not know the meanings of every word you are reading. In such times, use a dictionary or thesaurus to help you understand the meaning. And, the meaning of words can change depending on the context used. For example, the word bark when used in the sentence, “The dog barks at him” and “The tree bark is hard” holds two different meanings in two different contexts. There are multiple words like these in english which hold different meanings in different contexts. To understand concepts like this, you need to read english thoroughly. Gradually, you will become an expert in english. Read and grow !

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Write down

Scribbling or writing the language helps you understand how well you have learnt and understood the topics in english. The best way is to write journals every day so that you will understand which portions are hard for you to express in the language and which topics are easy for you. Writing in english can also develop your verbal writing skills, which will benefit you in the professional spaces for sending emails and formal letters etc.

To conclude, english fluency is not an impossible dream for you. All you need is consistency and perseverance to achieve your dream. You can seek help from experts and edtech apps like Entri to help you with english fluency. With proper guidance and practice, you can be a fluent english speaker for life!

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