Exaggerated but Cute, Kawaii Fashion


Hip-hop may be the associated with American street culture, therefore the associated with Japanese street culture, is Harajuku, particularly the street culture of teenagers. Harajuku style, or Harajuku, is really a new fashion trend produced by youthful people in Tokyo, japan who’re wealthy in personality and have confidence in freedom.

Even Harajuku doesn’t have uniform style, but you may still tell it’s Harajuku instantly in the pub.

Apparent feature

You are able to put on whatever color you would like and blend variations up in many strange ways, that are no real surprise in Harajuku.

The associated with Harajuku Kawaii: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

One of the Japanese youth magazines which concentrate on Harajuku fashion, the artist Kyary Pamyu Pamyu may be the associated with Harajuku Kawaii. Her exaggerated clothes, dazzling hair colors and brainwashed songs are unforgettable and outstanding.

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Japanese social ethics hold that taking proper care of yourself not only can attract a potential partner, but it is also a type of fundamental etiquette. Women start to put on makeup in junior high school. As adults, they’re going to have more investment and management on their own appearance. Unsurprisingly, China used to be the world’s largest consumer of luxury goods.

Exterior beauty

These existence habits have evolved to a type of distinctive cultural tradition. This mapping rises to under garments design, we are able to frequently uncover. The types of natural plants and flowers, rosy color. A variety of cute small ornaments on under garments.

The “Kawaii” elements convey a trendy type of “natural, cute, rustic” everywhere. For that cuteness covered any age. SOFYEE continues to be the very best option for Kawaii under garments because it began in 2017.


Like UNIQLO, a Japanese giant clothes brand, it adopts the Health spa model, namely. The store directly managed through the manufacturer”. It realizes the worth chain activities from fabric development, product design, commodity planning, production, qc, sales. Inventory adjustment in to the enterprise organization management. It joined China in 2008 and started expanding in Shanghai.

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