From Start to Finish, Tech that New Homeowners can Utilize in 2022


Technology is becoming more and more central to the whole experience of purchasing a home, with people looking to implement the latest innovations wherever possible. Not only can new technologies be utilized around the home to make things easier, but they can even be applied to the process of choosing and buying a home.

Here, we’re having a look at some of the exciting and established tech solutions for your journey to acquiring and building up your home. You’ll find some much more accessible products to make the most of tech for your home as well as the more complex programs available out there.

En route to getting into your home

An increasingly important element of home life that people seeking a new house will want to consider is smart home connectivity. As many smart home appliance set-ups rely on the appliances being connected, you need to test how well Wi-Fi carries through the house as well as if a hub device has enough signal strength to reach a device on the other side of the house.

As detailed in the smart home guide by TechHive, the smart home system now spans a tremendous range of solutions. Anyone who wants to design a high-tech house has access to smart lighting, speakers, thermostats, security cameras, audio systems, smoke alarms, smart irrigation, and robot vacuums. So, it can be wise to explore your options, hone in on what you want, and then make sure that a new property suits the tech.

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To find such a home at a price and rate that’s suitable to you, the latest technology in online mortgage advice at Trussle can be utilized. Continually collecting data and scanning for the latest rates put out by lenders, Trussle can relay the best offer for your parameters within 24 hours and decide on your mortgage within five days. So, it’s quick, convenient, and tech-savvy. For those who are looking for a home, this is an important first step, and tools such as this help simplify the process.

Now that you’re in your new home


Of course, one of the first things that new homeowners want to do, particularly if moving into a new build, is redecorating. This is quite a low-tech activity, with perhaps changing the lighting being the most tech-savvy activity. Having smart home gear to install will make this more complex, but ultimately make activities more convenient.

There are many new interior designing tools found by AnalyticsIndiaMag that apply artificial intelligence to the process. Available on iOS devices, the augmented reality app Homestory AR allows you to see how furniture and color schemes look in your room, by using AI to scan the room for its size and shape and then making suggestions. Another very popular app is IKEA Place, which lets you see how IKEA furniture looks through AR.

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Once you’re in, you’ll find cleaning your house to be one of the most tiresome, but regular, chores. To help split the time needed between big cleans or an all-out vacuuming effort, turn to AI-powered cleaning robots. Little robot vacuum cleaners have come a very long way, with iRobot’s Roomba often being the frontrunner. With Roomba and Shark-brand cleaners, you can often get one that’s self-emptying, too.

From start to finish, these are some of the best ways to make setting up your new home smart and tech-savvy.

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