Full Moon Rituals and Yoga

Full Moon Rituals and Yoga

Many people wonder about the power of the full moon.  People are wondering why the full moon is so influential.  Full moon rituals and yoga have been connected and yogis everywhere are interested in the way that full moon rituals can impact their yoga practice.  What does the moon have to do with yoga?  Full moon circles are rising in popularity and many people are wondering what the mysterious full moon rituals are about.  The power of the moon has long been known and

The full moon, which marks the culmination of the 28-day lunar cycle, contains a significant amount of lunar energy. Here are 13 rituals to try and 13 reasons why the full moon is a fantastic time to do them, whether you’re wanting to release something, materialize something, or simply set aside time to connect with yourself.

How the moon’s energy impacts us.

You wouldn’t be the only person if you’ve ever experienced sleep disruption or mild agitation due to a full moon. In fact, a study found that as the full moon got closer, it took people longer to fall asleep. Additionally, they slept about 20 minutes less on average, had lower melatonin levels, and spent 30% less time in a deep sleep on the night of the full moon.

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This period around a full moon is really intense. The moon, especially the full moon, educates us about how things change.  One special full moon ritual is making moon water.

Moon water is water that has had time to sit under the light of the full moon and soak up some of its power. It can be used for a number of things, from drinking to bathing, and even when you water plants in your home.

Here’s how to make it:

  • Fill a container with water. If you can use fresh rainwater, even better—but any waterworks.
  • Place your container in direct moonlight. It doesn’t matter whether it’s outside on your porch or inside on a windowsill! Anywhere with moonlight will do.
  • Say an affirmation or prayer. Think about what you want to use this moon water for, and say an affirmation or prayer over the jar to seal your intention.
  • Leave overnight. Once your container is in place and your intention is set, leave the jar overnight in the moonlight. In the morning, your moon water will be good to go!

Many emotions that have been bottled up for the duration of the lunar cycle come to the surface during a full moon. Full moons are potent times for surrendering, releasing, and reconnecting with yourself so that you can feel anchored, content, and comfortable. A moment when energy is at its peak, the sky is dazzling, and the moon is at its fullest in the lunar cycle. Humans can sense the influence of the moon cycle, and we frequently feel at our strongest during a full moon.

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A full moon is about letting go, releasing, and also reflecting on what has grown up that we no longer desire in our life, whereas the new moon symbolizes new beginnings and is a fantastic time for introspection and creating new intentions. People frequently experience tension, an overwhelming sense of uncontrol, or other heightened emotions around full moons. Use the advantages of the full moon instead of attempting to push them away since this is no coincidence. The moon is assisting in highlighting the parts of your life that want improvement.

Take note of it, think about it, and be honest with yourself about what or where you need to let go of it. This might be a nice time for a yoga practice centered around letting go.  When many people study more about the full moon, they look for tantra yoga explained to help them understand.

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