Gearbox finally shows FL4K some love in latest Borderlands 3 patch

borderlands 3 patch notes

The gearbox has finally stopped shredding Borderlands 3’s FL4K robotic vault hunter. After two nerfs in as many weeks, the developer has decided it has gone too far and is partially rolling back a recent change to the FL4K “Leave No Trace” ability that offers the chance to return ammunition to the player’s magazine, when they land a critical hit.

In a Borderlands 3 update last week, Gearbox added a two second cooldown to the skill because it “returns a lot more ammo than intended”. Now the cooldown has been reduced to 0.3 seconds, which could be a good middle ground. The new cooldown should “keep the promise of the ability” without re-energizing it, according to this week’s patch notes.

Mose’s Bloodletter

The gearbox has also modified Mose’s Bloodletter class mod that converts healing into shields. “Overwhelming synergies” have been created, so Gearbox has increased Bloodletter’s lag by half and decreased Bloodletter shield recharge rate by 50%. “This should help promote the intended use of this class mod, where shields are healed manually rather than automatically,” the developer said.

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Just like with FL4K, Gearbox also partially rolled back last week’s big nerf to Moze’s Means of Destruction, which gives you a small chance of recovering a grenade if you cause splash damage.


Elsewhere, Amara got a few buffs. Your Phasegrasp ability, which calls out a giant fist to hold an enemy in place for a few seconds, is now double the range and will instantly fade away if you miss it so you can try again. Your speed power, which gives you a reload speed bonus for every stack of Rush, now gives you an extra bonus when you level it up: previously, players only received one point bonuses even after upgrading the skill.

The patch also made a number of bug fixes, including adjusting the drop rates for the Pain, Terror, and Agonizer 9000 bosses to make them drop higher quality loot. You can read the full patch notes here. As you’re working through the endgame, check out our updated list of all of the borderlands 3 patch notes shift codes that are working right now.

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