Gel Nails

Gel nails

Gels and nail polish have been a companion item for years. Nail clippers, trimming tools, pressure washers and other gels were commonly seen around the house. For many women, gel nails and fingernail polishes formed an important part of their beauty regimen. As women became interested in adorning their nails with gels, companies began to manufacture gel polish and related products. Gel nail polish has gained popularity in recent years for its ability to last longer and for its easy application.

Gel nails originally appeared in the U.S. only in the late 1980s but weren’t met with great success at the time. At the time, manufacturers of the gel polish and gel nails themselves hadn’t joined together, not yet realizing the importance to accurately match the intensity of the gel to the photoinitiator in the base coat. As a result, many customers and professional gels that used the same kind of base coat still had very different outcomes. Eventually, gel nails became more uniform, allowing for more sophisticated applications. The uniformity of gel nails allowed for more creative gels, allowing gel nail polish to become more popular and much more readily available.

There are many reasons why gel polish works so well as an accent color on natural nails. First, as a gel nail polish is applied, it penetrates the nail in a similar manner to the natural nail polish. This makes applying gel polish on your nails much less messy than using natural nail polish. Also, as gel polish does not change in appearance when applied, it is considered a semi-transparent product. This allows a more even layer of gel to be applied to your nails, increasing the chances of a uniform, high-shine finish. Finally, gel nail polish can be removed without leaving any spots or uneven areas.

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Gel nails have many advantages over traditional nail polish, but there are some disadvantages as well. Because gel nails have a thicker consistency than regular nail polish, they can take longer to dry. This can mean that in the evening, after an active evening, you may need to wait a few hours before putting on your manicure. On the upside, this is only a small expense compared to waiting a full day to get ready for a long day at work.

Because gel polish does not adhere to the natural nail bed like regular polish, it can be applied to artificial nails with too much ease. This makes gel polish an excellent choice for artists who do a lot of detail work or who have many nails to work with. Another advantage to gel polish is that it is easy to remove. Unlike regular polish, gel polish removers are not necessary, since it does not build up on artificial nails. This means that it is perfect for those who dislike spending time on maintenance.

Like regular nail polish, gel polish has two coats to keep it from separating. After applying the base coat, a top coat is added to give the appearance of a drop of color. It is not permanent, since the top coat can be easily removed with a little bit of elbow grease (if you so desire). The best time to apply the top coat is right after a shower when the nails are still warm. Be sure to thoroughly wash your hands and avoid touching the nails until the top coat is dry.

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To apply gel polish, first soak your hands in warm water and then apply it with a cotton swab. Once applied, cover the entire nail with the swab until it begins to rub. Wait a few minutes before washing your hands, and then dip them into the sink full of warm water. Allow them to remain there for about five minutes before washing them away. If desired, some salons offer a manicure station where clients can soak their hands for gel polish.

While both regular and uv gel polish are available at many beauty salons, they are not usually carried in mass quantities. In order to apply both types of products, one must visit one’s local salon. Although these products are more expensive than the average nail polish, they may last longer and look better for the long haul.

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