Get the Feel and Taste of a Cigarette Without the Nicotine

nicotine free cigarettes

So you’ve come home after a long and stressful day. You’ve got bills to pay, you have to wake up early the next day, and you have a whole bunch of house chores that you need to get done.

A Cigarette or two wound sounds like a little piece of heaven right about now, wouldn’t it?

Of course, it would, after all, there are hardly any stress relievers as cheap and easily accessible as a good old-fashioned pack of cigs. You are taken aback, however, because the minute you grab the box, you are greeted with all these grim images of burnt lungs, yellow teeth, and other horrendously nasty side-effects.

Luckily nowadays we have an alternative. What if there was a way to enjoy the same things you love about a normal Tobacco based cigarette, without all of the nasty side effects?

Enter CBD cigarettes! Let’s get more in-depth and talk about the many ways CBD cigarettes can give you all of that good stuff, with almost none of the bad stuff.

Better Ingredients, Better Experience

One of the worst things about smoking normal cigarettes is that you have to deal with an array of incredibly toxic ingredients. These include traces of Hydrogen Cyanide, Carbon Monoxide, and Ammonia. Plenty of these ingredients are carcinogenic and are incredibly irritating to the lungs.

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At no point when you smoke a CBD cigarette are you poisoning yourself the same way you are when you smoke a normal cigarette? Not only are they free from all of the nasty ingredients used in normal cigs, but they also have ingredients such as cannabidiol that help you cope with feelings of anxiety, stress, and restlessness.

Enjoyable But Not Addictive

CBD cigarettes are considerably more enjoyable than normal cigarettes because if you use them on a regular basis, you do not have to worry about the potential of becoming addicted.

It is a known fact that Nicotine is incredibly addictive. Many people who start smoking find themselves trapped, unable to quit no matter how desperately they want to break free from it. This is the reason why Nicotine is responsible for as many as 1,300 deaths every single day in the United States of America alone! Yikes!

On the other hand, you can be confident about the fact that CBD cigarettes are not addictive. Not only do they have an incredibly small amount of THC, but it is questionable whether THC is even ‘addictive’ in the first place.

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Cigarette Smell? No Problemo

Have you ever walked into a restaurant after smoking a cigarette only for everybody inside to give you a mean look because they can smell the Nicotine on you? It’s not hard to see why, Nicotine leaves off such a foul odor after you smoke it that not only does it ruin your breath, but it also sticks to your clothes as well.

You will not have the same problem with CBD. Most people will not be able to notice the aroma on you at all. You can smoke a couple and be free from judgment!

The Cigarette You Deserve 

So now that you know all about the wonders of these nicotine free cigarettes, you know that it is absolutely possible to enjoy all of the things you like about normal cigarettes, and not risk your health and well-being.

The next time life gets a little too hectic and you are feeling like a quick ciggy, remember that not all cigarettes are created equal. Leave the Nicotine behind and go for the cigarette that you deserve!

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