Guide On How To Identify And Buy Genuine Burberry Sunglasses In India

Burberry Sunglasses

Sunglasses no longer have the tag of a fashion accessory to wear under the sun. It now defines a person’s style statement as they tell you a lot about the person’s character and personality. Not only do they protect your eyes and shield them from sun rays, dirt and debris, and hide your emotions, but they also help you stand out in a crowd. Burberry sunglasses have evolved from just a functional accessory to a status symbol. Anyone who owns Burberry sunnies knows that it belongs to a luxury league. It’s an investment no one regrets.

While cheap sunglasses might save you a few pennies, they fail to provide a designer’s required protection, style and elegance. However, the eyewear market has a lot of fakes and dupes doing the round in the local and online markets. When duplicated so well, it becomes difficult to know whether you have paid and received the original Burberry sunglasses or fake ones.

How To Identify And Buy Genuine Burberry Sunglasses In India

We have listed down a few things you can check to determine whether the sunglasses you received are genuine. Read on to know more.

Check the Box

New and original Burberry sunglasses come in a box with branded packaging. The box should have the Burberry Knight printed on it. Check the box for the Burberry Knight and match it in every way with the official Burberry logo.

Check the Barcode

Next, you need to check the box for the manufacturing information and a barcode. Look for it on the label at the side of the box. When you find it, match the details to those located on your sunglasses.

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Certificate and Booklet

New and original Burberry sunglasses always get delivered with a guarantee certificate and information booklet. The guarantee certificate comes secured with a single staple and contains space for the retailer to fill in the details of the purchase. You can also check the booklet for any spelling errors or alignment mistakes with the Burberry logo.

Carry Case

Your Burberry sunglasses should arrive in a traditional plaid carry case. The tartan plaid, also known as the Burberry check, is one of the most recognised symbols in the fashion industry. To know if your sunglasses are original, check the weave consistency and the colours of the stripes.

Check the Right Arm

To confirm the originality of your Burberry sunglasses, check the right arm for the brand name, and the words “made in Italy”. Additionally, some models may also consist of a letter followed by the letter C and E.

Check the Left Arm

Next, you need to check the left arm of your Burberry sunglasses. It should contain a model number starting with the letter B for Burberry. The lens and frame measurements should follow the letter.

Check the Lens

The newest models of Burberry sunglasses always contain a serial number etched into the right lens. What you need to verify is that the etching in the lens seems clean and clear. See if it also contains the Burberry logo in the lens. You can easily make out fake sunnies here by checking the quality of the stamp. Fake sunglasses come with low-quality screen prints and provide no texture to the logo. The authentic sunglasses provide a high-quality stamp with a texture to the logo. Therefore, all you must do is run your fingers over the stamp. If your finger can feel the texture or some form of indentation on the logo, then you know what you have are genuine Burberry sunglasses. However, you cannot feel anything on a fake one.

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Check the Nose Piece

The nosepiece is another place to look to confirm the legitimacy of your Burberry sunglasses. Most scammers overlook the minor details and manufacture fakes with only the outer logo and detailing. Therefore, the nosepiece of your sunnies must also contain a Burberry logo.

Quality is King

You can also verify the originality and genuineness of the sunglasses by looking at the quality. Any errors in grammar or mistakes in spelling are highly unlikely in an original piece. Check the paint and the overall quality. A designer product should look and feel luxurious in your hand.

Check the Printing

Raise your Burberry sunglasses against a source of light and check the prints, which should be centred or close to the centre. Moreover, the engraving on the original sunglasses is done by hand. Such detailing becomes hard to duplicate, so most fake sunglasses are manufactured without them.

Note the Cost

Be aware of an unbelievably good sale or discount unless it’s on the official Burberry site. Burberry sunglasses offer high quality and are a status symbol; hence it is worth the price. Manufactured with low-quality materials, extremely cheap glasses do not provide durability or finish.


Burberry sunglasses not only glam up your look but also protect your eyes from any harm or diseases related to the sun. With classic designs and frames made from high-quality materials, Burberry can make any man or woman look good. If you are looking for timeless designs that never go out of style, buy Burberry sunglasses.

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