Guide to Selling NFTs: An Easy-to-understand explanation

how to buy and sell nfts

The market for Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, is constantly growing. And with the rise of the unboxing videos and tutorials on the popular YouTube channel Jacksepticeye providing walkthroughs to new collectors, resources like Crypto Kitty Sales Tracker providing stats and valuable insights into the world of crypto kitties, as well as CryptoCurrency Growth being a great way to track a variety of cryptocurrencies.

There’s a lot of jargon in many industries – do you know what an NFT is? This comprehensive article covers topics such as understanding the Basics, how to capitalize on them, how to buy and sell nfts, and what platforms are available with videos and gifs.

Why are people selling NFTs?

Here are some reasons why people are selling NFTs:

1. To make money: Some people see NFTs as a new way to make money, and they’re cashing in on the hype by creating and selling their own NFTs.

2. To promote their brand: Others see NFTs as a way to promote their brand or business. By creating an NFT, they can get their business exposure while generating revenue.

3. To show off their creative side: For some people, selling NFTs is simply a way to show off their creative side and express themselves digitally.

Whatever the reason, there’s no doubt that NFTs are becoming increasingly popular, with more and more people involved in the market.

Want to Sell Your NFTs? Here’s the Ultimate Guide!

If you’re interested in selling your own NFT, there are a few things you need to do first:

  • Create your NFT

This is the essential step. You need to create your NFT before you can sell it. When selling your NFTs, you need to keep a few key things in mind. In this ultimate guide, we’ll cover everything from how to price your NFTs to where you can list them for sale.

  • Pricing Your NFTs
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One of the most critical aspects of selling your NFTs is pricing them correctly. If you price them too high, you may need help finding buyers. But if you price them too low, you’ll take advantage of potential profits.

  • The value of the underlying asset

 If your NFT is based on an existing asset (like a piece of digital art), be sure to factor in the value of that asset when setting a price for your NFT.

  • The rarity of the NFT

The rare and NFT is, the more valuable it will be. If so, you can charge a higher price. If not, you may need to lower your asking cost to attract buyers. Once you’ve considered these factors, it’s time to set a price for your NFTs. Start high and lower the price if necessary – getting buyers interested is easier.

Almost anyone can buy or sell NFTs. First, you need to have a digital wallet that supports NFTs. These include MetaMask, Trust Wallet, and Coinbase Wallet. Once you have one of these wallets, you can start buying and selling NFTs on various platforms, including OpenSea, XANALIA, Rarible, and Ethereum Name Service (ENS).

It’s important to remember that not all NFTs are created equal. Some NFTs may be more valuable than others depending on their scarcity, utility, or the popularity of the project they’re associated with. When buying or selling an NFT, research what you’re getting yourself into. Overall, buying and selling NFTs is relatively simple. Almost anyone can get involved in this growing market with some preparation.

Types of Saleable NFTs

The world of NFTs is exploding with new possibilities and opportunities for creators and sellers.

1. Art pieces: paintings, digital art, sculptures, etc.

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2. Music tracks and albums

3. Videos and films

4. Video games and in-game items

5. Virtual worlds and 3D spaces

6. Website domains and online assets

7. Collectibles and rare items

Steps to Selling an NFT

If you’re new to NFTs, you might wonder how to sell them. Luckily, it’s easier than it may seem at first. This section will walk you through selling an NFT so you can start immediately.

1. Choose the right marketplace: Not all marketplaces are created equal. Some are better suited for certain types of NFTs than others. So, before you list your NFT for sale, take some time to research which marketplace will be the best fit for what you’re offering.

2. Create a compelling listing: Once you’ve decided on a marketplace, it’s time to create your listing. Write a great description and use eye-catching visuals to make your listing stand out. This is your chance to sell potential buyers on your NFT, so don’t hold back.

3. Promote your listing: Just because you’ve created a great listing doesn’t mean people will automatically find it. You need to make some effort to promote your NFT if you want it to sell. Share your listing on social media and other relevant online communities, and consider running paid ads to reach even more potential buyers.

4. Negotiate and close the sale: When someone expresses interest in buying your NFT, it’s time to start negotiating. If you’re happy with their offer, finalize the sale and transfer


If you’re considering selling NFTs, this guide should give you a good idea of what they are and how to go about them. NFTs can be a great way to boost your income, but it’s essential to understand the risks involved before you get started.

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