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When you’re stuck at home, it’s easy to feel like your life’s going nowhere. You’re living day by day, but you’re not actually living–you’re just going through the motions. You might feel lost, like nothing has meaning anymore. One good way to combat this feeling is to be as close to your previous schedule as possible.

This means that even when you’re staying at home, you should still have a schedule and wear “going out” clothes. And buy new items to spark joy. Now, here’s the best part: you can have the spark that new items bring–without buying anything. Here are some items you can DIY:

Hair Accessories



From scrunchies to head bands, you can have your own fashion show with the plethora of hair accessories you can DIY. All it takes is some scrap fabric, maybe from old clothes you don’t wear anymore. You’re upcycling the fabric, which also means you’re not just throwing them away and adding to the trash in landfills. If you have some beads, fabric glue, and other trinkets, you can also deck out a plain headband to give an old item a makeover. This gives the same feeling as when you’re buying a completely new item.

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Brush Cleaner



If you think that a beauty blender is expensive, wait until you see the price of a cleaning board for makeup brushes! This is something you can totally DIY to keep your makeup brushes clean and hygienic, and it’s so easy to make. All you need is a board, which can be an old chopping block or even an unused plate, glue gun, and some glue. Dot some melted glue on the board and let it dry. That’s it! You already have a cleaning board at home. Think of how much you’ve saved, which you can now use to buy items you can’t DIY, such as sheet masks online.

Skirts and Shorts



A new outfit can make you feel good about yourself, especially if it fits perfectly. There are online shops that can deliver to your doorstep, but the problem is their sizes may not be a perfect fit. Plus, you’re paying for the delivery. If you have some clothes that you don’t use anymore, see if you can repurpose them to something cute and wearable at home. An old pair of jeans may be more useful for you now as a pair of shorts, and a dress that’s too long can be transformed into a skirt. Wear these new items on your next work-from-home “shift” and wear your favorite lipstick as well. Experts suggest still getting dressed for work so that your mind will learn to separate work from the home space.

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When you feel like you can’t have fun anymore, that’s when you feel at your worst. It’s important to fight that feeling, but you don’t have to resort to excessive online shopping either. For a good middle ground, take the items you already have but are not using, and turn them into new items that will spark joy and bring excitement back into your life.

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