4 Most Common Complications That Women Face During Pregnancy

4 Most Common Complications That Women Face During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a series of physiological changes in a female body. Giving birth to a new life is not an easy task. Rather a female faces a lot of problems during this period. Some issues are not too serious and do not need any treatment, but some are life-threatening also.

It is important to stay in touch with your gynecologist throughout your pregnancy. So that your doctor can rule out the problems you are facing during the pregnancy. You can find and consult the best gynecologist in Lahore through Marham.

Here are the top 4 issues that are common among pregnant women and if left untreated, they can be dangerous for both mother’s and baby’s life.


It is a condition in which a sudden rise in blood pressure occurs, which can be life-threatening if emergency treatment is not provided. It usually happens after the 20 weeks of pregnancy. And more common in people without any high blood pressure history.

Symptoms are severe headache, blurred vision, pain in the chest area, etc. High blood pressure during regular check-ups can be an alarming situation. And the doctor suggests further tests to confirm the occurrence of preeclampsia.

Women who are obese, above 40, having high blood pressure family history, or having multiples pregnancies are most likely to have preeclampsia.

UTI and other infections:

UTI (urinary tract infections) are the most common infections that occur during pregnancy. The common symptoms are urgency to urinate, urinating with burning, itching, pressure on the pelvic region, and sometimes fever also.

Causes include unhygienic conditions, intercourse during pregnancy, etc.

This infection can be treated with broad-spectrum antibiotics. But if the infection reoccurs, urine culture can be done to tule out the exact infection-causing microorganism.

Other infections that can occur during pregnancy are STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). They can cause serious complications to your fetus. That’s why urgent treatment is required for these infections.

Gestational Diabetes:

It is the type of diabetes that occurs during pregnancy. The risk of this condition is the bigger size of the baby than the normal. And it is difficult to deliver the baby through vaginal delivery because the shoulder of the baby can be stuck in the birth canal during delivery. Hence, doctors prefer cesarean in this situation.

It is important to get sugar testing during pregnancy. Because it is the only way to diagnose gestational diabetes. Risk factors are obesity, family history, getting pregnant after 35 years of age.

The doctors usually advise exercise and a balanced diet to control sugar levels. A 30-minute walk is a good choice for controlling the blood sugar levels during pregnancy. But sometimes insulin treatment is also required.

Hyperemesis Gravidarum:

Morning sickness is a common issue faced by almost every pregnant woman. In this situation, women feel nauseous possibly with vomiting during the morning or at any time of the day. This condition usually lasts for the first-semester pf pregnancy. But in some cases, it turns into a severe condition, and hyperemesis (vomiting) occurs throughout the pregnancy. In this situation, the patient usually faces dehydration and rapid weight loss. This situation may require hospitalization and intravenous medications to control vomiting.

These are some of the most common health issues faced by pregnant women. If you are facing any symptoms of these conditions during your pregnancy, you can contact the best gynecologist through Marham.

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