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If you have purchased hearing aids for your children, then you need to know some basics. You doing the basics right will ensure that your children don’t face difficulties using the hearing aids. Without any further due, let’s start!

Keeping the Devices In Place

Keeping hearing aids properly placed on your child’s ears can be quite challenging and it can be especially so if they happen to be toddlers and children who are not accustomed to wearing hearing aid from the time of their birth. If you find yourself in the position where your child is constantly trying to take off their hearing aid device or is just pulling them off, you will be happy to know that there are some methods you can employ to make the experience of wearing hearing aids a bit more comfortable.

  • Ideally the hearing aids that you make your child wear should be done when you are in the process of doing a fun activity with your child. This will take care of two things: firstly, as we mentioned it’s a fun activity and you and your child will be able to spend some real quality time with each other and secondly, your child will be distracted and hence will be less likely to try to pull off the hearing aid device,
  • You can try and make use of a soft headband in order to secure the hearing aid on the child properly. While doing this, however, make sure that the microphone of the device is not covered. If the microphone is covered, that will defeat the entire purpose of the hearing aid device.
  • There are special clips that can be found which help with keeping the hearing aid device properly attached to the clothing of your child. Even if it comes down to the horrible scenario of having the device being pulled off, even then you will not lose these expensive devices.
  • You should make contact with your audiologist and then look for headbands and clips that they suggest which can work properly for the particular needs of your child. These are people who are experts in this area and they can guide you properly in choosing the right devices and required accessories.
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Make a routine for the hearing aid

It may be a very good idea to establish a routine each and every day when you will put on the hearing aid device on your infant or your young child. You should also try to make the time of the day more relaxing and make it a more positive experience for your child. Cuddling them and holding them in a loving manner can make the whole process much easier and also much more enjoyable for all parties involved. It is also natural for the child to be curious and as a result of this, they may pull off the hearing device from time to time. Be patient and gentle with them when that time eventually does come and instantly replace them so that the child knows exactly where they belong.

Furthermore, if you happen to be finding your child to be constantly tugging at the device, it may be an indication that he/she is experiencing discomfort. This can easily be the result of an earmold that is poorly fitted.

Make Sure to Check Them Daily

The hearing aids that your child wears does need to be checked quite frequently. This is all the more important in cases where the child is far too young to even know if there is a problem or not. Do a listening check and make sure that the battery of the device is working properly. Also make sure that you check for both moisture and debris. The simple logic is this, if you can’t hear from the device properly, neither will your child be able to.

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Also make sure that you perform a visual check before placing the device on your child every time. Make sure that the device and also the earmolds are properly clean and that they are free from moisture. If the hearing is dirty, make sure that you disconnect the earmold. Proceed to cleaning the earmold or the tubing or whatever it is that needs to be cleaned and clean it.


In the case of infants and children, make sure that you choose the hearing aid that comes with secure battery doors. This will make sure that the child cannot dispose of the battery themselves. We all are aware that babies like to put stuff into their mouths- so, make sure that you keep the batteries in a safe place.

When you get a hearing aid that is proper for your child, it can have a drastic impact on the quality of life of your child. It has a tremendous impact on their social life, education and also in developing their communication abilities.

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