Here’s How to Get Your Military Medals Mounted

Military Medals Mounted

Military medals are awarded for acts of service to your country, and this is no small feat. Medals are earned with a lot of sweat, a lot of work, and a lot of effort, these are definitely things to take pride in. Having your military medals mounted properly and showing how proud you are of earning these medals is definitely a good way to show off your patriotism and love for what you do. In this guide, we will be discussing the three different ways to have your hard-earned military medals mounted so that the next time you want to have them on display, you won’t have to worry about how they look while being displayed.

DIY – do it yourself

The DIY or do-it-yourself method is definitely one of the cheapest ways to have your military medals mounted. You will be needing materials like wood, tools, and a sense of creativity. This method may seem cheaper, but it involves a lot of tools that you may not have readily inside your home. You will have to construct your frame area first, create a format and measure your materials.

You are going to slowly and manually mount each medal accordingly while measuring all the dimensions and balancing everything out, this method may require a lot of time to get done, so if you decide to follow the do-it-yourself method, then you most likely have to dedicate a full day in order to completely and properly mount your military medals accordingly. The DIY method also takes a lot of creativity and thought because you will have to design your own format and style for your mount or display case.

Military Medal Mounting Service

A good military medal mounting service can have your medals ready to be mounted at home in no time at all, since they already have premade frames and designs, it will take little to no time to get this done. These services allow you to customize and make changes to already created designs. The price range of this service is very reasonable considering that you are having your medals professionally mounted with quality material and the effort of specialists. Services that offer to mount your medals are highly experienced and can even be told if you have any specifics for the mount that you are looking for. These specialized services are done uniquely when working with your medals.

Pre-ordered, Premade

There are shops online and physical stores with display cases that are readily available for displaying medals of any kind. These are the traditional cases that are pre-made and are available anywhere. The downside to purchasing and using these types of display cases and mounts is that they are extremely common and anyone can get their hands on one. These display cases for medals tend to lack personality and customization at times, may look bland for the most part, and are very easy to break. The quality can never really be assured since you do not know for certain where these products are being produced or what material they are really made of.

So, there it is, the three ways and places you can get your medal mounted. Now you should be able to put up those medals with pride at home or wherever you would like to put them up. Always remember that the feats that are given the awards are never easy and they deserve a section on your wall to show the world that you are who you are, and you take pride in the accomplishments that you bring to the table.