Holster Claw: What Is It and How Does It Work?

holster claw

What do you mean by holster?

The holster is the wallet often made up of leather material which is used to store gun, it can be affixed with the belt or can also be worn inside the arms in order to restrict the gun from doing any uninvited movement. Therefore, each and everyone who have the gun no matter for what purpose should use the holster as it protect your firearm from falling out or also helps you to avoid unsolicited action.

What is meant by Holster Claw?

A holster claw is used to affix a gun with the belt for preventing our body from gun printing whenever we hold a gun. Several types of holster with a claw are available in market, however, a piece of plastic staged beneath the trigger guard is the most commonly used type of holster claw. Nowadays, many people prefer holster claw for holding their firearms however the question arises as of how does a holster claw works or whether is it really safe to use holster claw to hold a gun. In this article I will talk about how a holster claw will protect your gun.

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How does the Claw work?

The holster claw use the hardness of the belt for squeezing the grip of the holster to your body for avoiding the sticking caused by the grip, that is very common thing to be happened during holding a gun.

In order to make sure that the claw should only be connected to the belt, the claw has been fixed along with the gun belt. It protects our gun from falling out of the holster and also prevent us from the issues such as gun printing. In case the claw is not properly fixed, it won’t be able to attach with a gun belt. That is why it is important to choose a good quality holster such as AIWB Holster made with a Claw, it will be a great choice to attach this holster with a belt as it didn’t cause gun printing.

It has been seen that the Holster Claw is usually staged on the right side beneath the trigger guard. However, in Light Bearing AIWB Holster, you will see the claw on the left side, some times it is also required to displace the claw because of the light attachment, however, and it will be mostly located at the same place. Some claws appear to be very compact in size, however. Some others are relatively larger in size. Although the large sized claw is very useful as compared to the small sized claw as they hold our gun more properly.

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Final Thought:

The gun claw helps to carry a large sized gun. Earlier before the invention of the claw, we have to ask a holster maker as to how can we affix the belt for avoiding the gun print. However, after the invention of the claw now we can easily tuck the holster with the belt without any worry.

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