How do retailers employ the use of QR codes today?

QR codes

With the COVID-19 pandemic as one of the challenges many societal sectors like education, health, government, and business currently facing today, many health safety protocols as social distancing and cashless transactions were employed by them.

But as maintaining contactless operations in different sectors is still a challenge for them, many small and large enterprises are forced to decrease their manpower and opt for a skeletal work system where the staff alternately go to work and do their jobs.

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And with the skeletal work system, physical retail shops are struggling to keep up with the demands their customers need when shopping with them.

Because of that, retail shop owners are looking into new technological ways to ensure that their customers still experience almost the same shopping experience even before the Coronavirus outbreak happens.

After looking up to different technological solutions retailers can use at a low price, the use of QR codes is now widely adopted by them. And since then, they have been improving their QR code uses in their physical and online retail shops.

One great example of employing the use of this 2D barcode in their stores is through doing a store check-in procedure where shoppers scan a Google Form QR code to input their contact tracing information details and submit it.

How do retailers employ the use of QR codes today?

As the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises shops and other establishments that are reopening their stores to the public to use various COVID-19 prevention measures, retailers are also following the protocols with the use of these preventive measures as having thermal scanners, alcohol, sanitizer, and hand wash area right at their store doors.

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Aside from these disease prevention measures, they also equip the use of technology like QR codes to run a contactless retail store shopping experience for their customers. In successfully running one, here are three notable ways on how retailers employ the use of QR codes today.

Product Price and Information QR code

As placing a small written price tag in the products they sell will need customers to go to the display first before confirming its price, the social distancing protocol can be not followed. Because of this, the risk of infections between the customers increases.

To prevent this problem to happen, retailers are incorporating the use of QR codes to store their product’s price and other information and let their customers scan the code from their phones at a distance.

Online Checkout

With the limited number of customers accepted by their physical stores at a time, some eager shoppers have no choice but to wait outside until the others are done shopping outside. And with the time wasted, the other half waiting loses their patience and transfer to another store.

Due to the limit of customer acceptance, retailers are losing customers every single day. For them to solve the issue, retailers are placing specially crafted online checkout QR codes in their window display products.

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In this way, the customers in waiting can scan and check out the products they choose at the window, and will only have to go inside to pick the products they have purchased. To not confuse the customers about which code is for online checkouts, retailers use a QR code generator with logo online to customize the QR code’s design and add their store’s logo to it.

Cashless Payment Transfers

Since contactless engagements are imposed by most retail shops across the U.S., cashless payments are becoming a necessity for most shoppers. And for them to do it, their digital wallet partners encourage their customers to scan the QR code to wirelessly pay for the products they purchased.


As the battle to eradicate an intangible enemy continues for the health practitioners and other essential workers, business owners like retailers are also doing their part in fighting this battle.

And for them to do it, they also employ the use of various COVID-19 preventive measures and run contactless shop operations.

Now that they have enough knowledge and ways on how they can stop the spread of the virus, integrating the use of technology like QR codes make their contactless operations safe and easy.

With QR codes as a better pandemic prevention equipment to have for everyone, the availability of a QR code generator online keeps the retailers’ business operations easy and safe for all.

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