How does SEO work for crypto and blockchain websites?

backlinks for blockchain websites

Blockchain websites are set to thrive in 2018, as the technology becomes an increasingly important part of the internet. However, getting a natural website optimized for blockchain can be challenging because there is a wide range of content types that need to be presented. The best way to ensure your content is seen and understood by the right people is through targeted keywords and backlinks.

SEO company for Crypto and Blockchain

Blockchain websites have one thing in common—they’re all in need of SEO. Yet, it’s not easy to find answers to the questions you should ask before starting your blockchain SEO campaign: which website should I use? Should it be a blog or a homepage? How should I start my search strategy? is the  best SEO company for crypto and blockchain websites. We write posts, backlinks and link building for your site to increase its visibility on search engines.

Backlinks have the power to help your website rank better in search engines, and it’s important to get the right ones. However, there aren’t many SEO professionals that can help you find the right backlinks for blockchain websites.

SEO can be tricky to navigate. The world of internet marketing is constantly evolving and search engines are updating their algorithms to show users the best results on their webpages. This makes it important to stay on top of these changes to ensure that you will be ranked high for your targeted terms as well as have a good experience for your users when they visit your website.

The crypto and blockchain niche has a unique set of search terms that are used to drive traffic to your website. Also, it is common for websites to be buried in the “long tail” – the lower parts of Google’s rankings.

How blockchain website SEO different from normal SEO?

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SEO for crypto and blockchain niche is different from normal SEO. The first thing you need to know is that every website on the internet is meta or text rich. This means that every page on your website has thousands of words on it, but they are not all in the same place. Typically, most of these keywords will be written within the links or on each page’s content. But what if there was a way to target those keywords directly?

There is a big difference between normal SEO and for crypto and blockchain websites. On the one hand you should be targeting keywords, which are connected to your product, on the other hand there is a lot of other factors to consider when designing a suitable website that could be used by people looking for information about the topic of your site or blog post.

Crypto and blockchain websites are becoming more popular as a content marketing strategy. However, finding one that accepts blog posts can be difficult.

Crypto and blockchain news resonate with the crypto community. Many websites accept blog posts about these topics, but it’s notably difficult to find a company that accepts blog posts from other companies.

Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology are very popular right now, which means that many websites in this niche should rank well. We’ve analyzed almost 800 crypto and blockchain-related websites and came up with some actionable insights for search engine optimization (SEO) of these sites.

Why it is difficult to find a website that accepts blog posts about crypto?

In the current landscape of crypto and blockchain, it can be difficult to find a website that accepts blog posts about these emerging technologies. Most companies don’t want to be associated with the cryptocurrency community or have their brand glance over to another business. It is often seen as competition, so they thrive on secrecy when hiding behind their walls.

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The SEO for crypto and blockchain websites will be helpful for a number of industries and businesses in the future, including but not limited to, banking, gaming, travel and staying informed about the latest news with cryptocurrency. The goal is to make sure that people looking at a crypto website want to click on it and read the content because they find value there instead of just wanting to pass over it or ignore it.

Importance of keywords for your blockchain websites.

Your backlinks for blockchain websites to be successful, it is important that the keywords you target have enough search volume and be specific. Searching for <blockchain> + “success” in Google yields more than 23 million results, so there are plenty of opportunities to find success with your project.

We created a framework for identifying and prioritizing content for a company’s website, and identified ways to optimize this content to ensure that a company can launch new products, grow their brand, and increase traffic overall.


Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology underlying them are still new, and unfortunately, most search engines don’t yet recognize them. As a result, websites that accept blog post submissions about cryptocurrency and related topics tend to rank poorly on Google. While we are not able to guarantee results here at Keyword Live, it is a great place to get started if you want your business or personal website to be found by crypto enthusiasts!

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