How Safe is Manchester?

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Over time, Manchester has developed a negative reputation as a safe city. Manchester has come under scrutiny in recent years due to its high crime rate and recent ranking as the second most dangerous city in the UK for burglaries, according to the Manchester Evening News, but is it a safe place to live? This is the topic that this article will cover.

Manchester: How Dangerous Is It?

Manchester is considered by many to be a dangerous city. Yet, because there are so many variables to take into account, it can be challenging to determine how dangerous a place is. We’ll examine the city’s statistics in relation to those of other regions in the UK to give you a sense of how risky it is. Thus, let’s have a look at some crime data.

Is There A High Crime Rate In Manchester?

Comparing Manchester’s crime rate to the national average, it is rather high. Statistics show that it has a crime rate that is 138% more than the national average, which implies that it has much more crimes than the norm for the UK and Wales.

What Is The Crime Rate In Manchester?

Manchester has had one of the highest crime rates in the UK over the past several years. Manchester has recorded over 380 crimes per 1000 residents, which is a rather high number considering the size of the population, according to Verisure Security.

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Given its size, Manchester shouldn’t be ranked as the second most reported city in the UK for crime. This shows that there is a serious crime problem in the city as a whole and does not give the city a good reputation.

Antisocial behaviour, was voted the highest crime rate, which has resulted in over 244,000 crimes in the previous few years and was by far the most often recorded crime in Manchester, with violent crime coming in second with over 122,000 offences.

So, Is Manchester A Dangerous Place To Live?

Our conclusion, based on the data we have acquired, is that Manchester is a dangerous city. Considering the primary crimes are anti-statistics social conduct and violent crimes, they are offences that might influence the whole population, making it a hazardous place for individuals to dwell in.

Does A Manchester Business Need Security?

Yes is the clear-cut response. Each business should think about hiring a security provider given the high general crime rate in the UK. Nonetheless, compared to the rest of the UK, Manchester has a higher rate of burglaries, criminal damage, and arson. These infractions can negatively affect an organization’s revenue and take home pay.

Despite the fact that investing in security for your company may appear pricey, doing so really proves to be a cost-effective way to ensure its protection.

Choose a reliable Manchester security company if you want to keep your possessions safe. By giving a price match guarantee, a reliable security provider will make sure you spend the least amount feasible for the service provided.

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Depending on the service you want and the amount of guards you engage for the job, the price of a security guard may range from £10 to £50 per hour. A few of companies provide savings in exchange for longer agreements and more spending on bigger teams.

Hiring a security guard to serve as a strong deterrent to prospective criminals who want to take your valuables will save you additional money. Even though it could be an expensive buy, you’ll end up saving money.


Manchester does have areas with high crime rates that are perceived as dangerous and unsafe, particularly at night when crime rates rise.

However, there are areas of Manchester that are lovely and ideal for families to reside in. If you are considering moving to or visiting the region, it is advised that you review the most recent and relevant crime data.

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