How SIP calling can do wonders for your IT company?

sip calling

Business success depends on your ability to communicate. Not only with customers but also with prospects, partners, suppliers and colleagues.

Problems arise when the systems that support business communications are unreliable or outdated. Phone calls, too, become a big problem; if you’re dealing with an inefficient phone system and/or high costs, consider a SIP trunk provider. You can make voice calls, video calls, and instant messaging through Internet-based VoIP phone service providers.

Moreover, SIP calling improves the quality of your business phone system while reducing costs. This guide explains how SIP works and how to get the most out of it. 

What is the meaning of SIP calling?

SIP calling is also known as a Session Initiation Protocol call. Session Initiation Protocol is a signalling protocol used to initiate, maintain, and terminate communication sessions over VoIP and other Internet & cloud-based communication platforms. SIP calling is often confused with VoIP calls, which is not entirely correct. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a broad term that uses a combination of technologies to make & receive phone calls over the Internet rather than using traditional telephone lines. SIP is the only technology that supports VoIP. SIP calling uses VoIP, which helps in moving analog call traffic over an internet connection. In addition to voice calls, the SIP protocol is used to transfer a variety of data, such as video chats and calls, video conferencing, instant messaging, and other multimedia communications. So, it is always good to have a good and high speed internet service provider. 

Besides initiating calls, SIP phone systems can perform other VoIP functions like identifying the user location; in addition to this helps in determining the availability of the receiver to respond to calls or messages received and whether the recipient’s device is compatible with the initiated call type, transferring and terminating calls, etc.

Who Should Use SIP Calling?

SIP calling is widely adopted by small businesses and start-ups in various sectors due to its easy implementation, flexibility, easy access across devices, scalability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Many organisations use it for both external and internal communication. Large enterprises may face the challenge of migrating their PBX to the cloud by moving to SIP trunking, but they can also benefit from long-term cost savings in expenses related to communication.

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Benefits of SIP Calling in India

By now, you know that the SIP calling can assist your business grow. Discover the key benefits of SIP calling and how it impacts your business.

  1. Affordable communication

Think about your current business phone bill; now imagine paying up to 70% even less than that amount. Yes, SIP trunking allows you to do just that, that is, reduce your overall expenditure on internet services. If you are wondering why there is such a difference in your call costs, here are the benefits of SIP calling.

  • Unlimited toll-free calls instead of per-minute charges
  • No new and expensive hardware required
  • Avoid expensive installation and maintenance costs
  • No service interruption, no loss of business

With SIP calling, you don’t have to worry about the cost of setting up a phone, so you can focus on your customers.

  1. Easy scalability

Now the costs are down, but your business is growing. Is that the only reason you would still pay the same as before SIP? When you hire more employees or expand to new locations, this is a valid question, and you don’t want to change or modify your entire phone system to start over.

With the help of SIP trunking, everything from calls to video conferencing taking place over the Internet runs smoothly. This means you don’t have to buy more physical lines just as you need more phone/ mobile numbers or concurrent calls. The SIP provider can help you with adding more lines. In fact, you can do it on your own very easily. 

  1. Reliable, high-quality calls

A physical landline can fail when you need it the most. Power outages, system failures, or severe weather are things you can’t plan for in advance. Also, there is no option for poor call quality or no calls at all. Fortunately, SIP calling can reliably receive calls even in these unpredictable scenarios. This has become possible with the help of redundancy that automatically redirects calls to other locations or to employees’ mobile phones.

  1. Unified Communications allow flexibility and productivity.

Looking at the differences between PSTN, VoIP and POTS, it is found that companies could save up to 115 minutes per day per user using unified communications. That’s almost 2 hours! It is simple, and a SIP phone system helps create an integrated virtual presence. Instead of constantly switching communication channels, you can centralise & synchronise them.

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The result is increased collaboration, productivity and efficiency. Whether your office has just 10 employees in one office or hundreds of employees around the world, reaching everyone is possible via a device they already have, that is, their smartphone.

  1. Great user experience

Finally, as a small business owner, you don’t have to worry if you’re worried about learning new technology or training your employees. Because managing everything about your SIP account from a simple interface is very easy. Your SIP provider will make sure everything is set up & ready to go. All you have to do is use and manage your entire business phone system, transfer calls, add extensions, add phone lines, etc. It’s a user-friendly approach to take control of your company’s communications system completely.

And this is how SIP calling can add value to your business. 


SIP calling makes it easier to reach customers regardless of the location of the two parties. 

When it comes to selling online, simplifying the communication process yields amazing results. Overall, SIP is interesting for communication over the Internet, with many features often associated with voice and video calls with multiple parties. Moreover, SIP calling makes life easier for you and your customers. Without traditional barriers, you can communicate more freely and satisfy more customers. As we all know, satisfied customers equal repeat customers, which leads to more sales. And it is equally important to retain existing customers as that of bringing new ones. Spectra can help you in achieving great business heights with amazing internet services. So, raise your request today. 

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