How to Apply Urgent Bad Credit Loans from $100 -$5000


Can you foresee all your cash needs? No. No matter how hard one tries, there could always be something beyond our planning that crops up as sudden expense. What could make the emergency worse is having a bad credit.

No one wants to have a bad credit on purpose. Circumstances, sudden lack of ability to pay dues and instability in economies, a lot of factors contribute to someone not being able to honor their dues. But, should all this allow a person not to get a desired loan?

In this article, you will read how even a bad credit score cannot stop you from getting your desired loan. For emergencies ranging from  $100 -$5000, you can get offered financial assistance by iPayDayLoans.

What do you need to Get Bad Credit Loan from $100-$5000

iPayDayLoans is a site that acts as a platform to make the people in need of money meet the people who are willing to lend money. So, if you are looking for a reliable site to procure a loan and have bad credit, look no further than iPayDayLoans.

The platform is home to all sorts of loans. Whether you need title loan, cash loan, emergency loan, personal loans, same day loans, iPayDayLoans have something for everyone. A lot of people meet their financial liabilities on a paycheck to paycheck basis using iPayDayLoans.

iPayDayLoans is a fully legitimate platform to seek loans from. The platform has a list of prerequisites that one needs to ensure when applying for loans. You need to have and need to be all of the following before applying for loans on iPayDayLoans:

  1. You should be a resident of the United States of America
  2. You should be over 18 years of age
  3. You should have a source of stable income. In case of bad credit loan, a soft credit check is done wherein a regular source of income is sought
  4. You should have an active email ID and a functional phone number
  5. You should have a valid bank account and must possess valid proofs of identity and address
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Steps of Getting Urgent Bad Credit Loans by iPaydayLoans

Bad credit means the inability to pay your dues and bills on time. Every lender desires a payment confirmation from its borrower, and a good credit score is an indication that the money is likely to be received on time.

But, if for reasons out of your control, you are not able to pay your dues on time, you tend to have a bad credit score. Now, with the assistance of an urgent bad credit loan, you can secure financial assistance despite not having the perfect credit score or even if you have a bad credit score.

How to Apply for Urgent Bad Credit Loan

Want to apply for a bad credit loan on iPayDayLoans? Below are the simple steps and extremely easy procedures that would ensure that your emergent need for a bad credit loan is immediately fulfilled.

Step 1: Visit iPayDayLoans

First, you visit the site iPayDayLoans. Then, you select the category of Bad Credit loan from the drop-down list of Loan types. When you click on Bad Credit Loans, it will bring you to the page of ‘Urgent/Emergency Loans for Bad Credit’. Here you will find all requisite information regarding Bad Credit Loans.

After this, you can select the stipulated amount of loan you require. This loan can range from $100 -$5000. Hence, whether it is a very small amount to a considerable amount, you can receive it within the same day.

Step 2: Application for Loan

Now that you are well-versed with the site, functions and details, the next vital step is to apply for the loan. The application for the loan is done with regard to inserting of data and attachment of relevant proofs of identification, address, etc.

The application process will be self-explanatory. You will know just where to click and what to do. You will also need to enter your email ID wherein you can receive communication and details regarding the loan.

regarding the loan

It is suggested that you check the details inserted in the application before submitting. This is so as to ensure that you have correctly understood and stated details. This saves time and eliminates the possibility of an error.

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Step 3: Approval and Disbursal of the loan

When you successfully submit an application, the next step is approval of the application by a panel of experts. As it has become easy to manipulate documents, all sites undergo rigorous fact checking to ensure that the sanctity of the platform is maintained.

Hence, your details entered, details attached are counter checked by the experts. They have very elite systems in place that can identify issues, if any. So, once that is completed and the experts are satisfied, your loan will be approved.

Upon approval of the loan, willing lenders will then come up with offers and terms. You can browse through different offers and select the one that suits your requirement. All the functions from Step 1 to Step 3, if done correctly and timely, can be completed within a day.

Soft Credit Check

One might wonder, why would lenders be willing to give loans despite the bad credit score of the borrower. The terms of the loans bear a slightly higher interest rate as compared to a secured loan with good credit. Furthermore, the lenders also do a soft credit check.

Soft credit check entails that lenders do an overall assessment of the modes of income of the borrower. If they are satisfied with the credibility of the borrower based on the bank statement and confirmation of regular income, they advance the funds.


The convenience, the ease of terms and the promptness that is offered by iPayDayLoans seconds to none. Whether it is a good or bad credit loan, this platform has something to offer for everyone.

Hence, for emergent cash needs, you do not need to look too far as iPayDayLoans is the one stop shop for all things loan. Whether you need $100 or $5000, you can rely on this platform.

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