How to buy CVV?

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CVV corresponds to the credit card verification number and it is a three-digit code present at the back of your credit card. Now when you are making an online purchase you would have to punch in the CVV during the checkout for the sake of verifying that it is actually you and the transaction is secured in real-time. But there are sites or shops out there which sell the CVV number to just about anyone for a small amount of money as the risk factor involved with these CVV numbers is huge. Most of these come from the stolen credit cards and others are the result of cybercrime or a hacking attempt on a POS system or a website’s payment system which has extracted a whole lot of these credit cards along with their information when these were used for purchase.

If you are interested in buying these yourself then you need to know that it is a risky move and you will be liable for yourself for the actions that you take with that particular CVV number. Although following are a few ways you can head towards buying a CVV for yourself;

Contacting a CVV shop

The most accurate method of buying CVV is to contact the CVV shops that are present online, all of them might not be available readily and you might have to even do some investigation before you end up on the right door. When you reach a dedicated CVV shop you will be asked about what tier of the CVV you are interested in such as what kind of credit card’s CVV you want and other than that what is your budget and if you want to buy one or many. These websites buy CVV from the CVV dumps and most of this activity happens on the deep web. Most of the time you will be requested to make a free account to be able to carry on with the transaction of the CVV numbers.

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Joining a forum in pursuit of CVV shops

If you are having trouble finding a dedicated CVV shop or if no one that you know has any knowledge about these then social media or private forums can be the way to go. The best way to hook yourself up with a trusted CVV vendor is to join a dedicated forum not only do these have authentic information on various CVV vendors and online shops but other members might be of some help to you with the continuation of this process.

The first thing that you have to do however is to create a free account that will allow you to interact with various members of the group. Post your question about the CVV sites or directly ask a member and you will definitely be provided with some viable directions to go into.

These are some of the dedicated methods you can use for the sake of getting your hands on a CVV number but at the end of the day it is not a legal activity and any responsibility of this act will fall on your shoulders alone, that is why caution is advised.

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