How to Calculate the Cost of Commercial Moving

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Most of the costs associated with commercial moving are incurred before and after your moving day. Interestingly, you’ll be surprised to realize that you’ll not spend a lot of money during the moving day. Some of your commercial moving expenses are inform of labor, which helps you make both external and internal changes, as well as announcements. Other costs will cover consulting fees and physical items while you prepare to close your old office and redesign your new space. Also, you should consider the effects your commercial move will have on your business and clients as you calculate the costs of your move.
Also, you will need to factor in the costs that you will incur while planning the move. Don’t forget to include any construction or repairs needed to make your new space suit your needs. Whenever possible, contact your new landlord to check whether the contract includes any build-out expenses, or if you will need to pay a certain fee for services.
Ask for quotes from commercial space brokers, as this will help you to estimate the costs of hiring an expert to negotiate the deal. Mostly, you will need the assistance of a professional commercial mover to calculate the cost of commercial moving.
In order to get an estimate for your commercial move, the mover will want to know the following details:

● The items you plan to move
● The distance between your current office and your new office
● Your moving timescales
● Whether you have any awkward or large items that you want to move

Take an inventory of your items

According to the experts from Torex Moving, Toronto Office Movers, taking an inventory of your items will help you get a clearer picture of the items that you need to pack and move. During this stage, it’s always advisable that you seek the services of a commercial moving company. Commercial movers don’t have a challenge when it comes to estimating the cost of the entire moving process.
Besides, taking inventory of your items reduces the possibilities of theft, and helps you identify any lost items when moving.

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Budget for technicians and service providers

This is another area where most people fail when calculating the cost of commercial moving. Please note that you will need to pay service providers and technicians at the end of your move. Therefore, you should contact your service providers, and negotiate in advance. This will help you to determine the costs, deposits, and fees that you need to make.

Some of the services that you need to consider include cleaning, internet, cable, electricity, phones, and vending. Also, don’t forget to contact the technician who will install your electronics and computers—that is, if you don’t have an in house technician. Typically, you should expect the phone company covering that area to install your phones—and, this can be at a certain fee. So, you will need to confirm these costs before your moving day.
You might also incur costs when closing your office Inspect the commercial space that you are leaving. Are there times that you need to repair, like walls, fixtures, and carpets? Ensure you calculate the costs of these items. In case you had leased the property, and you need to end your lease before the agreed date, talk to your landlord, and discuss
the fees associated with the premature termination of the lease.

But, if you own the property, calculate the buildout costs or discounts you offer the party you want to lease the property to. Don’t forget to include these costs in your final budget. Besides, you need to consider the costs of terminating or transferring office services like phones, vending machines, internet, electricity, and cleaning, among others.

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The actual move

Mostly, this is where you will incur most of the moving costs. This is because it includes a lot of things that you cannot avoid. As indicated earlier, you will need the services of a professional commercial mover for your move to be a success. If moving across the country, you will need the services of a long-distance commercial mover.

Costs like packing, shutting down your computer systems and phones, installing technology systems, setting up furniture, as well as hiring a reputable mover need to be factored in the final cost of your commercial move. While it’s not an easy thing to calculate, you will also need to factor in the loss of business revenue you will incur while moving your office. Therefore, you will need to include the loss of profits coming from possible sales that you might happen when moving, as this will give you a clearer picture.

Announcing your move

Lastly, you need to determine the cost of announcing your commercial move. Factor in press releases, adverts, as well as snail-mail announcements. Ask for quotes on new stationery, as well as other materials with your old address that you need to change. Don’t forget items like business cards, signs, menus, promotional items, trucks, collateral materials, and product packaging, among others. Calculate the cost for adverts that you need to buy in newspapers, magazines, billboards, as well as on radio and TV stations.

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