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The topics of essays in the discipline “Management” are extremely wide. This is due to the fact that the subject studies a huge number of issues – the basics of enterprise management, strategic and tactical planning, staff motivation and dozens of others. It is very easy to get lost in such a variety of areas for research. Therefore, there are several methods of distribution of topics for essays in the discipline of “Management”

Management course topics are most often published by the supervisor. He gives methodical recommendations or provides a list of topics of course work on management. Then each student independently selects the most interesting topics.

Sometimes the topics for essays are distributed according to the list of the group, the last numbers of the record book. This approach helps to avoid disputes or situations where the same topic has been used twice. As a rule, students, in order to quickly write essays on the subject of “Management”, choose the simplest areas for analysis.

If the student is not attracted to the proposed course topics, he can always come up with his own and agree it with the supervisor. You can also narrow down, specify one of the proposed topics. These approaches are perfect in cases where there is already a great idea for research, interesting material or because of the breadth of the topic coursework will be too large. For example, marketing in the enterprise is a very large issue, for the disclosure of which whole textbooks and manuals are written. But the analysis of the marketing complex of a particular organization can be concluded in the allotted forty pages.

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The student is often faced with the difficulty of writing and then defending a term paper after choosing a topic, let’s consider the main stages of writing a term paper together.

For those who want to find a direction for research on their own, consider approximate topics for essays in the discipline of “Management”

  • The role of the manager in the management of a modern organization
  • The value of a leader in management
  • Analysis of the necessary qualities of a modern leader
  • Control as a necessary attribute of management
  • The essence of management decisions and stages of its adoption
  • Risk analysis in making management decisions
  • Management styles and methods
  • Modern approaches to personnel management
  • Purpose of tangible and intangible incentives
  • The concept of negative and positive motivation
  • Time management: concept, essence and purpose
  • Features of management in the bank (in a travel agency, corporation, etc.)
  • Strategic and tactical management in the organization
  • Management of enterprises in crisis conditions
  • Building an effective organizational structure
  • Evaluation of the personnel motivation system used in the organization
  • Innovation management: essence, features and tendencies
  • Influence of business environment factors on enterprise activity
  • Stages of development strategy development
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Careful study of the textbook on the subject will help to find an interesting research topic. We recommend that you first study the freely available materials or browsing a professional paper writing service before approving the chosen topic by the supervisor. This will save you from a situation where the topic is already selected, and information for writing is not available.

Essays on the subject of “Management” are written on the basis of the analysis of activity of any concrete enterprise. Therefore, as a supplement to the topic, specify its name. For example: “Building an effective organizational structure on the example of Metal-Invest Trade LLC”.

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