How to Create a High Converting Landing Page for Your Business

Landing Page

What Are Landing Pages?

Landing pages are essential for all businesses to help them attract customers and, ultimately, conversions. Sure, creating a landing page sounds simple – especially if you have half an eye for design and you’re a competent writer. But, when it comes to creating high-converting landing pages, you might just find you need the expertise of a digital marketing agency to help you generate results.

Before we get into how to create a high-converting landing page, let’s discuss what a landing page is.

A landing page is a single web page that someone lands on after clicking through via some digital platform or piece of content. This could be a Facebook ad, a tweet, an email – you name it. Once someone lands on said landing page, they are typically encouraged to take some sort of action, whether that’s downloading a free resource, signing up to a mailing list or purchasing a product.

So, now you know what a landing page is, let’s dive into how to create a successful one!

Know your audience

First things first, you need to know your audience. Like any other piece of marketing content, your landing page needs to be relevant to the people who see it. This will have a huge impact on whether people convert once they have landed on your landing page. If your page fails to be audience-specific, you might end up seeing high traffic and views but not as many conversions. This is because people are landing on your page, and the content, products, or CTAs are simply not resonating with them.

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Make sure the language you use is the language your audience uses. Make sure the resource or product you are showcasing is something they would find useful. When they land on your page, they should think, ‘ahhh, this is where I want to be’.

Write Compelling Headlines

Headlines are vital in grabbing your viewer’s attention; a captivating headline can hook the audience’s attention from the get-go and lead their eye down the page and eventually towards the CTA. Compelling headlines should be short, sweet, and to the point. Let the viewer know immediately what this page is about and what they can expect if they read on.

Choose Scroll-Stopping Images

You know the saying, a picture says a thousand words. Well, this is true of landing pages too. Captivating images on your landing page are a great way to punctuate and break up a ton of written content and essentially make the whole thing more visually appealing. That being said, random photos won’t do. To optimize the images on your landing page, they should be relevant to your product or service, perhaps having a high-quality image of what you are offering compellingly.

Make sure your copy is strong!

Now moving to the copy side of things. Above all, your landing page copy needs to be clear, concise and to the point – oh, and driving your viewer to action. Remember, the point of your landing page is to get people to convert, whether that’s submitting a form or downloading your e-book.

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When writing your content, consider what customers will miss out on if they don’t convert. Then, emphasize the benefits they will receive if they do convert. It’s all about tapping into a desire and creating a solution!

Think about your CTA

Again, the point of a landing page is to get your viewer to convert. So arguably, the most important thing on your landing page is your CTA. Using persuasive and influential language as well as strategic placement will be hugely impactful on your landing page. If your user has to scroll through 70% of the page before they see the CTA, they likely won’t click it. So, ensure your CTAs are front and center, eye-catching and make it clear to the viewer the action you want them to take.

Time to get started

So, now you know a few top tips on how to make yourself a successful and high-converting landing page, it’s time to get started!

Remember, your landing page exists to drive people to action. So, if you take nothing else away from this article, make sure you are clear about the action you want your audience to take, and you signpost it accordingly in your copy and CTAs.

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