How to create a movie to promote your business in 2020


It is a well known fact that online videos are essential to promoting all types of businesses. No matter if you are running a mom-and-pop home based small business or big corporation, if you are not already using web videos as an integral part of your marketing, you should read this post carefully.

I will list 3 points with the most important benefits of using video advertising for promoting your business.

  1. You will educate potential customers about your offerings and products.
  2. Google loves video, and a page that contains video will rank better in search results if compared to a page without video.
  3. With a promotional movie in your hand, you can easily create some backlinks to your page by uploading the movie file in various video sharing websites such as Youtube, Dailymotion and Vimeo. And as you already know, each backlink counts as a ranking factor.

So, the big question is, how can you create a professional movie for your business without breaking the bank? Well, if you are a big corporation, probably you will hire a video production studio and you won’t even worry about the price, but for most other companies on a budget, spending thousands of dollars on a promo video is out of the question.

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Thanks to advancement in technology, nowadays it is very affordable to produce a high quality comercial movie. It will cost you below $50 usd and you will be surprised with the quality such low cost videos actually have. But you have to pull up the sleeves and do it yourself using a movie maker online.

Entrepreneurs should spend most of their money creating and launching products and not with video production. You cannot compare these low cost movies with the ones costing several thousands, but you should only spend this amount with video when your company is generating a lot of revenue. To start with, go with the do-it-yourself video creation tools.

So how long will it take you to create a movie for advertising your business?

Even if you are not a tech person and have no video editing skills, most of the business video maker services available on the internet, have a simple user interface, where you basically just have to upload your content such as photos, clips and text lines. What will take the most time to accomplish is writing the video script. But even that, you get some help by looking at the hundreds of sample videos available on those sites.

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In my experience, it takes between 2 and 3 hours to create a proper promotional movie of 1 minute duration, and most of this time will go towards finding some good photos, footage and writing the script. But hey, you’ll get to see the video the same day, instead of having to wait for weeks if using the traditional video production companies.

I have created several promo videos myself, and I can assure you that it has definitely helped my web pages rank higher. For me this is the biggest benefit. And for the low price you pay for these videos, you can have one on each page of your site without spending all your hard earned money.

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