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Search Engines are the first place people go when they want to find information, and it’s one of the most important factors driving traffic to your website. Search engine optimization (SEO) is ensuring that your site will be highly ranked in Google’s search results.

If you’re starting a new business or blog and want to attract customers from Vietnam, you need to do SEO for Vietnamese companies and sites. The most important thing you need to do is write good quality content relevant to your niche. You also need to build backlinks—links from other sites that point to yours.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, a way of getting websites listed higher in search results. It’s not just for Google, by the way—all the major search engines, including Yahoo!, Bing, and even Twitter, have algorithms that determine what order sites are listed in.

The best way to see if your SEO is working is to look at how many people are landing on your site when they search for those terms (traffic coming from organic searches like that is called organic traffic).

The most important part of SEO isn’t the actual optimization, though—it knows what terms people use when looking for something on the internet.

Many people think that SEO only means writing content for search engines. And while that’s a part of it, there’s more to it than just churning out keywords. There are three ways to perform SEO:

  • On-page optimization includes writing things like titles and meta descriptions.
  • Off-page optimization includes social media marketing, guest posting on other websites, and link building.
  • Technical optimization includes ensuring your website loads quickly and has a clean code and a good user experience.

Importance Of SEO

If you have a business website, you’ve probably tried to optimize it at some point—after all, it only takes a few minutes to add your keywords to the pages and tweak some of the text. But unless you’re an SEO expert, you might overlook key elements that could make or break your rankings.

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Online, we all have to compete for our potential customers’ attention, who can click away at any moment. There are so many reasons they could leave. They might not be interested in your product or service, think your site looks unprofessional, or have a million things to do and not enough time to do them. But SEO can help you keep your audience by making sure that when people search for what you have to offer, they find you first.

The reason SEO is important is that it helps get your business noticed. Think of it like this: if your business is a house on a street of homes, you want to ensure that the people on the road can find your place when they need it.

That’s what SEO does for your website—it ensures that your site shows up first when people are searching for something similar to what you offer online. With good SEO, someone looking for information about a specific product, service, or company will find yours before anyone else’s.

How To Do SEO in Vietnam

The internet culture of Vietnam has been developing very fast in the past years, and so has its social media usage. Here are some tips that can help you with your campaign in SEO Vietnam:

  • Find out what keywords people in Vietnam use when searching for your product or service, and try to rank for those keywords.
  • Check out different ways to rank well on Google, like link building, social media marketing (SMM), content marketing, and many more.
  • Check out your competition’s efforts. Find out how they are ranking on Google and learn from them.

The first thing you need to do if you want to have your website optimized for SEO in Vietnam is to ensure that all the content and information are original, unique, and relevant. This will make sure that your site is not penalized by search engines.

The second thing is to find a suitable domain name. This should be easy as there are plenty of domain registration companies in Vietnam. You need to submit your site to search engines and directory sites.

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This can be done by finding directories that accept new entries and following their submission guidelines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ongoing process where you constantly need to check your rankings and ensure that the external links are pointing to your site.


Backlinking is a significant thing in SEO. Backlinks are the most important factor when ranking on Google. Hence, to rank your website on top of Google with your target keywords, you must get high-quality backlinks. Because of this, the competition for high-quality backlinks is increasingly fierce.

Backlinking has been an essential part of SEO since its inception, but it’s easy to overdo it. Building tons of backlinks can do more harm than good if they’re not high-quality links that Google will highly value.

Vietnamese backlinks sites are essential if you are working on a Vietnamese search engine optimization campaign. In this country, the amount of people who speak Vietnamese is still relatively high, and there are over 70 million users, thus making it one of the most important countries in Southeast Asia for marketing campaigns.

Closing Comments

SEO is often a foreign concept to people unfamiliar with the internet. The basic gist is that SEO helps websites appear higher in search engine results, hopefully translating into more traffic, engagement, and sales.

If you’re looking for a great SEO company in Vietnam, you’ve come to the right place. Les Michels is a team of solid and experienced specialists in this field. We will help you with all aspects of your website.

From the initial setup to solving any possible problems and optimizing and testing, Les Michels will help you throughout your SEO journey. Not only are we affordable, but we also have an excellent track record of success. If you want your site to be on the first page of google, then call us today.

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