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We’re a little dizzy when we open a new game, hit the tilde key, and a console prompt slides out from the top of the screen. Playing with the console controls is a tradition in PC gaming – making fun of lap times is especially fun – and Subnautica includes a full library of development hacks. However, the console is not enabled by default, so you will need to do a bit of preparation to use them. Below, find out how to activate Subnautica’s magnetite console commands and what they are.

Activate the console

  1. Press F3 to open a submenu that will appear in the upper left corner of the screen.
  2. Press F8 to release the mouse.
  3. Uncheck the “Disable console” option.
  4. Go back by pressing F3 and F8 again.
  5. You should now be able to open the console with the tilde (~) key, although this may vary between keyboards. It will appear as a gray box in the lower left corner.

Note: The “Disable Console” option will remain unchecked between sessions, but each time you restart the game you will need to press F3 to open the menu and then again to close it, before the console will work.


biome [name] – This will teleport you to the biome of your choice, [name] being one of the following:

  • safe (teleports you to the safe shallows, where your Lifepod crashed.)
  • kelp
  • kelp_cave
  • grassy
  • grotte_herbeuse
  • mushroom
  • koosh
  • koosh_cave
  • jelly
  • mushroom
  • sparse
  • reef
  • grandreef
  • dunes
  • mountains
  • mountains_cave
  • deepgrand
  • kelp
  • under the islands
  • smokers
  • inactivelavart
  • he is
  • tree
  • lostriver
  • lavazone

goto [name] – Teleports you to a location. Type ‘goto’ without a variable for a list of locations.

warp [x] [y] [z] – Warps to a set of coordinates you supply.

warpforward [meters] – Warps the player forward. Use a number to indicate how many yards forward to warp.

warpme – Teleports you to the last base or vehicle you were in, eg Cyclops, lifepod.

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spawn – If you get stuck, just type this to spawn nearby.

randomstart – places you on the lifepod in one of its starting locations.

kill – kills you and reappears on the lifepod.

Spawning objects

item [item] [number] – Adds a number of an item to your inventory. If the name of an element consists of two words, write it as one, for example, Copperwire 10 element.

spawn [item] [number] – Spawns a number of an item or creature in front of the player, eg spawn seaglide 1.

clearinventory – Removes everything in your inventory.
under Cyclops – Spawn the Cyclops.

sub aurora – Spawn the aurora (look behind you).

seaglide – Creates a seaglide.

vehicleupgrades – Gives you all current vehicle mods.

seamothupgrades – Gives you all Seamoth mods.

exosuitupgrades – Gives you all of the Prawn Suit mods.

exosuitarms – Gives you all Prawn Suit arms.

spawnloot – Generates Quartz, Copper Ore, Magnesium, Salt Deposit, Gold, and Salvage of Four Metals.

madloot – Fill your inventory with glass, titanium, computer chips, batteries, survival knife, habitat builder and scanner.

resourcesfor [item] – Gives you the resources needed to craft a certain item, for example resources for cyclops.

ency [name] – Unlocks a datastore entry. Type ency all to unlock them all.

unlock [blueprint] – Unlocks a blueprint, for example, unlocks cyclops.

unlockall – Unlocks all blueprints.

Tips and modifications

bobthebuilder – Adds a habitat builder, survival knife, scanner, and repair tool to your inventory. Allows quick build, unlock, nocost, quick grow, quick hatch, radiation.

fastgrow – Plants grow very fast.

nocost – Unlimited use of manufacturer, habitat builder, vehicle bay, etc. whether or not you have the resources.

noenergy – Disables or enables the power consumption of vehicles, tools and marine bases.

nosurvival – Disables food and water requirements.

oxygen – Unlimited oxygen.

nitrogen – Adds the risk of decompression sickness, but increases the time underwater.

invisible – All creatures ignore you.

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fastbuild – Instantly build mods with the habitat builder.

fasthatch – Eggs hatch quickly.

fastscan – Reduces scanning time.

filterfast – Reduces water filtering time.

radiation – Disables radiation.

fixleaks – Seals radiation leaks from the Aurora.

unlock doors – Unlocks all doors except those that need to be opened with a laser cutter.

cure [range] – Heals you and all creatures within the specified range (a number in yards) of Kharaa.

infect [range] – Infects you and all creatures within the specified range (a number in meters) with Kharaa.

countdownship – Starts the Aurora countdown.

explode – Explode the Aurora.

restoration – One-breath up – the Aurora.

startsunbeamstoryevent – Starts the Sunbeam story event.

sunbeamcountdownstart – Starts the Sunbeam countdown.

precursorgunaim – Goodbye, Sunbeam.

forcerocketready – Launch the escape rocket without disabling the Quarantine Enforcement Platform.

Debugging and system commands

To change your current game mode, just type in the mode name: creative, freedom, survival, hardcore.

day – Set the time of day to the day.

night – Set the time of day to night.

daynightspeed [number] – Changes the speed of the day / night cycle. 1 is the default, so 2 is double and 0.5 is half.

speed [number] – Sets the game speed multiplier. Using a 2 would double the game speed, while 0.5 would halve it. Good for setting up screenshots.

entreset – Reloads all resources except the land.

gamereset – Load the latest save set.

farplane [#] – Set the view distance. The default is 1000.

fog – Turns fog on / off.

freecam – Activate or deactivate the free camera. Ideal to combine with F6 (remove HUD) for screenshots.

fps – Displays FPS and other statistics.

sizeref – Generate a diver model.

vsync – Enables / disables vsync.

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