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If your company is shifting its project management style and taking a Scrum/Agile approach to handling product development and different work for clients, you may be interested in becoming certified in one of the key roles within the Scrum structure. Whether this is because you want to stay relevant and keep yourself essential to the company or because you want to expand your role and progress in your career, learning Scrum inside and out is a good way to achieve this.

Why Get Certified?

You may wonder, given that you can go online and find hundreds upon hundreds of resources outlining the basics of Scrum, what the principles are of this project management style and what each role means and does, why you need to bother getting certified. Well, if you are interested in taking on one of the key roles in the Scrum arrangement, such as ScrumMaster for instance, it is quite a complex role and if you did decide to take it on without any formal training, even if you are a fast learner, you may still find it overwhelming.

Benefits of Becoming Certified in Scrum

The Scrum Alliance Certified ScrumMaster course is one of the most recognised and therefore, popular forms of official certifications you can take.

You can start by going through the list of all Scrum courses available to undertake, however with recent changes Scrum Alliance has introduced the concepts of paths. They represent chained certifications where each next certification is more advanced than the previous one getting you all the way to the agile coach level (if desired).

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But start with the basics, which are CSM certification in Jeddah or CSPO courses. Taking the ScrumMaster (CSM) course as an example, not only do you learn the theory, foundations, and everything you need to know about the basic framework involved in Scrum, but you also learn about how to implement it properly and how to avoid the various challenges and pitfalls you may face. As well as educating you and equipping you with all you need to become a good ScrumMaster it will also help you become a fully functioning and effective Scrum team member.

What the Course Offers

The Scrum Alliance Certified ScrumMaster course offers 2 full days of training that has been devised by the best in their field and is directed by a fully certified Scrum Trainer from Scrum Alliance. The course also provides you with the formal recognition that you possess the skills, knowledge, and abilities essential to implanting Scrum. This in turn can help make you an indispensable member of the team and open many employment opportunities within the company you are currently working for, or if you ever decide to look elsewhere.

As part of successfully gaining the Scrum Alliance Certified ScrumMaster certification, you will also get a 2-year membership with the Scrum Alliance. This gives you access to Scrum-related social networks and local user groups you can join as well as Scrum Alliance-approved and produced online resources to help you at every step in your Scrum career.

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What Certification Involves

The most important thing you need to do when getting certified is to make sure the course you enroll on is overseen and delivered by an officially recognised Certified Scrum Trainer from the Scrum Alliance. Only they can run Scrum Alliance training courses and only they can register you with the organisation when it comes to receiving your certification.

Although there are no official prerequisites for enrolling in the course, you need to read through some pre-course materials, including the Scrum Guide, so that you are familiar with the artifacts, roles, definitions, and terms related to Scrum.

You then need to attend the 2-day course and then take an online exam. This needs to be completed within 90 days, and you are given 60 minutes to work through it whenever you choose to sit it. The pass rate is 74% which means you need to get a minimum of 37 of the 50 questions correct.

If you pass, you will receive the PDF certificate that you can use electronically as proof or print off, so you have a physical copy.

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