How to Level Your RV for Family Safety


RVing is an exciting activity that takes you to new waves of adventure and even learning. As you go from a novice RVer to advanced camper, you will surely learn to answer your own question on how to level your RV for family safety.

Leveling your RV for family safety and for that great RV adventure is so easy if you have electric levelers with stabilizers or built-in hydraulic. For most RVers who don’t have these easy stuff, doing the old fashioned way to level your RV for family safety is a necessity you every RVer must learn.

RV Leveling Blocks – How to Use Them the Perfect Way

Blocks offer more stability than wood. This is the very reason RV leveling blocks are commonly used these days. These blocks are widely available at many outdoor/camping and big box stores.

Here are the helpful tips and steps on how to level your RV for family safety.

Walk around the area where you temporarily park your RV so you can see the spots that need more of the leveling job and which ones need less. Pull your RV a few feet where you want to permanently park it during your stay.  Use your best guesstimate to place the blocks underneath your RV’s wheels for leveling everything out. It is always good to have at least a tire on the ground for your RV’s stability.

Relax your RV brakes. Try letting your engine’s idle roll the vehicle up into the blocks. Keep your RV dashboard on a bubble level. This lets you gauge how far off you are.

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If you don’t get it right on the very first try, back and do it all over again. You will soon realize that you got the perfect RV level than you ever imagined. You also need to check your refrigerator’s bubble level so you know that everything looks great.

Smart RV Tip from the Pros

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a built-in RV leveling system. Even if you have this nice and easy system, keeping some RV leveling blocks on every RV trip works wonders in an instant. Not all trips are the same so make sure you have some extra help whenever you need them.

Why Level an RV

You may be new to the RV trend that you wonder why level an RV in the very first place. Is this just one of the RV fads that most people need to learn to fit in the RV craze? Or is this indeed a necessity that ever RVer must learn?

Here are some of the main reasons why you need to level an RV.

  • Personal Comfort – You don’t want to stay on an RV that moves up and down like a see-saw, especially if you’re eating or sleeping. Foods may slide down the table or plate while eating. You can’t even sleep comfortably on unleveled RV so you need to learn how to level it the right way as you park it on your chosen campground.
  • Tire Protection – If you want your tires to last longer, always do your best to care for your tires and other parts. During an RV trip, make sure that the vehicle is parked on an even ground. Parking your RV on an uneven surface can wear out your tires. This is for the fact that you are putting more pressure to the tires. This pressure can also affect the chassis or undercarriage.
  • Vital Appliance Maintenance – This is all about your RV refrigerator which is also known as an absorption refrigerator. This refrigerator has chemicals that will flow only when leveled properly.
    If you park on an unleveled surface, your refrigerator may not work properly in cooling and keep your foods safe. You also allow your RV refrigerator to malfunction or even get permanent damage. This could eventually damage your budget as you have to shop for a new one. So, keeping a circular bubble on top of your refrigerator ensures that this vital appliance is level.
  • Ensures Safety – RVing with your family is great but ensuring family safety must be your priority. This is indeed a big reason why you need to level an RV. Staying inside an unleveled RV while eating, sleeping, and even doing other activities with kids can cause potential harm. So, make the vehicle is at its right level when you reach your campground parking.
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Other Recommendations

Keeping an RV checklist for all your RV trips ensures family safety as you go. The lists can be divided on the various phases of your RV trip. This includes before, during, and even after camping.

You can make your own list as your RV trip actually depends on you. How and where you want to spend RVing and how long you will be staying is up to you. Make sure you have the right gear and safety measures necessary for making every RV perfect and truly a keepsake.

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