How to Look Natural With a Human Hair Lace Front Wig?

In the fashion industry of today, fast fashion has taken center stage and quick changing looks are given importance. This can be carried forward into your street style through the incorporation of human hair lace front wigs. Not only are human hair lace front wigs made of natural human hair, but they are also handwoven so as to look and fall absolutely naturally. The lace front around the forehead of the wig is made so as to cut it into a hairline as pleased by the wearer.

Human hair lace wigs now come with REMY hair. This is hair that has been extracted in a way that the follicle can be preserved, giving it the direction that it was originally growing in, and making sure that the hair looks as good as it is actually growing out of your scalp. The lace mesh is made in several colors and can be matched to your skin tone.

One must simply wear a wig cap over their natural hair and glue on a human hair lace front wig in order to achieve a look worthy of compliments galore. The best part? Your natural hair gets a free pass from unnecessary and constant processing and can be conditioned under the wig cap!

However, even though these wigs are great to wear, sometimes, you may not be able to help but feel like your wig looks fake. This article will tell you how to make sure that your human hair lace front wig looks natural as the hair you were born with, straight from the desk of a cosmetologist.

  1. Clean and Replace the wig

Wigs have a lifetime. We know the hair on it isn’t living hair, but human hair lace front wigs can take the damage of processing only for so long. Besides that, wigs become stale and smelly after a point and demand to be changed. The hair that slowly becomes brittle from styling needs a change every 6 months to 1 year.

  1. Dye it

Not all your natural hair is the same color unless your hair is the darkest shades on the spectrum. The naturally occurring color in hair is shaded and distributed, so when you want a natural look with your human hair lace front wig, take it to a stylist and have it dyed in a gradient. Make sure to use rooted colors by blending several others.

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If you cannot find a human hair lace front wig unit that looks great for you, dye it under supervision or take it to a stylist. Ask for lowlights and highlights in two varying shades of the original color.

  1. Lace Fronts and Monofilament

What makes human hair lace front wigs so convincing is the hairline that you can cut out on your own and then lay the edged on. Monofilaments are similar to these in the sense that each hair is sewn in individually, rather than being put on by a machine. This means the wig has more bounce, more life, and a lot more volume.

  1. Trim Trim Trim

When you purchase a new human hair lace front, do not forget to take it to a stylist to have them trim the hair into a suitable length and style for you. Even if the style is what you want, make sure to trim it still, to give it that natural work look. Your stylist will use a razor to do that job.

  1. Part it the right way

No human hair lace front wig is complete without the most natural-looking parting. The trick here is to pick a skin tone color that matches your natural color and blends in around the scalp so that the parting in the hair does not look strange and alien. Most wigs are made in such a way that as they are purchased, wearing them can look artificial.

Nature thrives in imperfections, and plucking out a few strands here and there around the parting cannot harm your look in any way.

  1. Blend it right

Human hair lace front wigs are very convincing to look at, but cannot mimic the natural hair to perfection. Blend the color and cut of the wig to mimic your signature style and watch as people grapple with your ever-changing styles!


You can begin with placing the wig a few inches behind where you’d usually place it, and then attaching it. With dry shampoo and air, you can then blend the natural hair with the human hair lace front wig.

  1. Wear the right size

The right size for the wig that will fit you can be inferred from the instructions elucidated below.

The reason that size matters, in this case, is because while a wig that is loose is at the risk of falling out, a human hair lace front wig that is tight is uncomfortable to wear in your head. Wearing a tight wig can cause further damage to your scalp and loss of hair.

Here is how to measure yourself for a wig – begin with measuring from the front of your hairline to the nape of your neck. Then measure from the longitudinal distance between your hairline and the nape as well.

This will give you enough information to be able to purchase a great wig with a natural-looking outfit with human hair lace front wigs.

Here is a chart to help with the confusing measurements and their counteractive sizes.



The upkeep and maintenance of a human hair lace front wig are almost the same as caring for your natural hair. The wig needs washing, cleaning, trimming, and edge laying in order to look real. Human hair lace front wigs are some of the most convenient types of wigs, and therefore, cleaning them is not tough. These can be shampooed and conditioned, heat-protected, and then blow-dried to blend in with the natural texture.

We hope this article gave you an insight into how to keep your human hair lace front hair looking natural!

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