How to maintain your fridge and deep freezer?


Can you imagine a life without a functional freezer and fridge? It might sound really absurd, as we all love to keep our favorite food in the fridge, fresh and ready to eat. However, one needs to be really careful when using these appliances. If you have just shifted to a new home and live without your parents, then make sure that you know how to use these appliances. Secondly, if you have just opened a restaurant, you might also need to learn about the required appliances. Moreover, you should stay in touch with some reliable appliance repair service too. It is imperative because you never know when the appliances stop working.

In this article, we will mainly focus on how a layman can take care of the refrigerator and fridge. These are a few simple tips that can help you in keeping the fridge clean and maintained. It is too much hassle, but if you neglect it, then it might become a difficulty, and you will need to discard the appliance.

Keep in mind that a fridge is far more complex than an oven and any other appliance in your kitchen. Therefore, it will require some extra effort to keep it working for an extended period.

Clean the coils regularly

The main feature in any freezer and refrigerator is the coils. If they are not up to the mark, it will stop cooling. That is why it is essential to clean them on time. Cleaning them will increase the efficiency of the freezer. These are located either at the back of the freezer or at the bottom. If you plan to clean the coils yourself, then always choose a fridge with coils at the back.

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Keep an eye on the gasket.

The gasket of a freezer needs to be sealed properly. It should not be leaking. Otherwise, the freezer will not cool the items effectively. You also need to clean it with soap or warm water; it will make it more efficient.

Change the filters

Every refrigerator and fridge has filters. Cleaning these filters is really important, as it will let the machinery clean and condense the air. You should make a schedule about cleaning it once in a while. You can do it at the end of every season.

Cover the food

Do not be a lazy lad; covering your food when placing it in the freezer is compulsory. It will make it less stinky. Uncovered food is one of the reasons why your fridge and freezer smell bad. It can destroy the tastes of all other foods. You might also need to clean the entire fridge.

Clear the ice

Ice build-up is very common in freezers and fridges; however, it can increase power usage if not cleaned. You should clean it with a spatula and scrape the build-up ice off.

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Check the temperature

In every season, you will need a different temperature; thus, you should keep an eye on it. It will help you cut the bill. For instance, in winter, one does not need to lower it; if you don’t do it, then you will have to pay extra bucks.

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