How to master business management in Yakuza: Like a Dragon

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Are you trying to be the best in business management in Yakuza: Like A Dragon? Ichiban Confections starts at the bottom, and you should too. After Eri first introduces you to the Ichiban Confections in Chapter Five (outside of Otohime Land), the number of menus and numbers can be overwhelming.

But with this Yakuza: Like Dragon management guide for every part of company management, you’ll be a professional president in no time. Here I’ll explain what the game doesn’t do, so you can learn how to manage employees and fight shareholders until you make an income.
How to make money with the management of Yakuza: Like a Dragon

This is the bad news. If you’ve played yakuza reddit 0, you may be used to lining your character’s pockets with the profits you make from your business. Unfortunately, this is no longer the eighties. You will have to keep your personal and business finances separate. Ichiban may make money running Ichiban Confections, but he won’t make millions of yen.

Hiring and assigning employees

When you start running your business, check out the Employee Assignment section of your Properties menu. Each property has Product, Service and Notability requirements. In the meantime, every employee you hire has a rating in these areas as well, so you’ll need to assign them to the properties where they can be most helpful.

You can choose from your group of employees to assign a Leader, as well as up to two members per property. As a leader, your employee will contribute all three of his skills to the property. Members will only contribute the value of their skills in one area, so pay attention to where you place them and be sure to use your best ability.

This part of the management game is fully automated, so you don’t have to do anything other than watch Ichiban leave. But wait! Before opening your doors, check if your employees are happy. If they have neutral or angry faces on your employee icons, they won’t work as hard and you probably won’t get the amount of money listed in the Expected Benefits section. At the beginning of the management game, you may not even make any profit. Oh!

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Making sure your employees are happy will keep you going green. In the Employees menu, you can choose to spend money to increase the happiness of individual employees. You can also press the Auto Care button that will maximize the happiness of all your employees. Watch your mood carefully because disgruntled employees may quit.

Purchase and improvement of properties

It is said that you have to spend money to make money, and that is absolutely true here. After your first two rounds of business opening, you may want to invest in improving your properties.

In the Property Enhancement section of the Properties menu, you have four total ways to invest in each business. Investing in sales volume is like investing in the overall level of the property itself. Higher sales volume naturally means more profit.

However, when the property’s sales potential increases, so do the Product, Service, and Notability bars. If the bar is too high, your employees will not be able to fill the gap, so you will need to invest to increase the levels of product development, service and visibility of the property itself. Before upgrading a property, check how the bars will go up for each skill, so you know what else you might need to invest in before opening a business.

Shareholders’ meetings

Oh no, the dreaded Shareholders’ Meeting. Yakuza: Like A Dragon does a poor job of explaining this fast-paced, real-time tactical battle. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered.

As with opening a business, make sure your employees are happy before heading to a shareholders meeting (this is a great time to use the Auto Care feature to maximize the happiness of all employees). Happy employees are most powerful during battle, while an overall happy workforce gives you a bonus even before the meeting starts.

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Very good, your employees are happy and you have a balanced team accompanying you to attend the Shareholders’ Meeting. Time for battle! These move fast, so here’s how to stay in control:

Red (people) beats green (money) beats blue (facilities) beats red.

What you’re doing here is breaking the shareholders’ guard (the three-shield symbols above your question). Choosing an employee whose skill is weak for the question will only break a shield. The same color will break two shields. The strongest skill against the question will break all three. If you fail to break the guard quickly enough, the shareholder will cause harm to the employee who is locked out.

Employee attacks

Once a shareholder’s guard is broken, quickly ask your employees to directly inflict harm on the shareholder’s health. The number next to each employee’s name is their command cost. The bar at the bottom represents your command points. This will continually fill up and replenish faster the happier your employees are. If possible, ask your employees whose skill color is strong against that of the shareholder to cause more damage. A shareholder won’t always ask a question of the same color as his own core skill, so pay attention to both.

Ichiban’s Apology Skill

Don’t forget about Ichiban’s skill meter that fills up during battle. It can be filled up to three times, represented by the blue, green and yellow lights. A top-notch apology does a bit of a disservice to all shareholders. A level two apology does more damage, gets your employees back a bit, and leaves shareholders dumbfounded by briefly asking questions. A level three apology works like level two, but with additional damage for shareholders and healing for your team.

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