How to nuke Destiny 2 enemies with the ultimate ‘Warmind Cell’ build

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If Destiny is about anything, it sucks and looks great in the process. And right now there is no better way to fulfill that fantasy than with Warmind Cell mods. Introduced as part of Season of the Worthy, Warmind Cells lets you destroy enemy rooms with a single shot. Unlike the Charged with Light gg mod system, which is also great and for which I wrote a building guide, Warmind Cells requires you to use specific weapons. With one or more of those weapons equipped, plus some Warmind Cell mods affixed to your armor, each kill has a chance to spawn a cell. That chance increases as you get more kills and is also higher when you fire weapons that use special or power ammo.

There are two sets of Legendary weapons that have the intrinsic perk that activates Warmind Cell mods: the IKELOS weapons and the Seventh Seraph weapons. The good news is that most of these are now in the world loot pool, which means you’ll be picking them up just by running on patrol, doing Strike missions, etc. The only two exceptions are the IKELOS shotgun and the hand cannon, both of which can only be found in the Prophecy dungeon currently. If you check your vault, you probably already have several Warmind Cell weapons. I’ve bolded the ones I think are the best below, and the weapon database is a great source when it comes to evaluating the best perks.

Weapons that inherently make Warmind Cells

  • Seventh Seraph Carbine (kinetic automatic rifle)
  • The Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver (kinetic hand cannon)
  • Seventh Seraph CQC-12 (Energy Shotgun)
  • The Seventh Seraph SI-2 (energy weapon)
  • Seventh Seraph VY-7 (energy submachine gun)
  • IKELOS_HC_v1.0.2 (energy hand cannon)
  • The IKELOS_SG_v1.0.2 (energy shotgun)
  • IKELOS_SR_v1.0.2 (energy sniper rifle)
  • The IKELOS_SMG_v1.0.2 (energy submachine gun)
  • 7th Seraph SAW (electric machine gun)

Given how Warmind cells work, the more weapons you use, the more cells you will generate. Whatever your precise build, I highly recommend running a Warmind Cell primary weapon, as that is what you will be using to constantly take out trash mobs and thus constantly spawn Cells. Another important note: with the Wrath of Raputin mod you can also use various powerful solar exotic weapons to create cells. I’ll go into more detail in the description of that mod, but suffice it to say that Xenophage is an absolute beast and a staple in my Warmind Cell builds.

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5 Warmind Cell Mods That Make A Great Build

Global reach

No Warmind Cell is complete without Global Reach. The effect is incredibly powerful for the cost of energy. (As with the Charged with Light system, all Warmind Cell mods use the rightmost slot on your armor and have a connection cost. Some also have a corresponding elemental affinity, meaning that the mod and the armor must match). Warmind Cell’s detonation range and the distance at which enemies are affected by debuffs such as Cellular Suppression, Power of Rasputin, and Warmind’s Protection (the latter two function as auras emanating from Cell). The short version is that if you are running Warmind Cells, you have to run Global Reach to get the big bangs.

Rasputin’s Wrath

I love Wrath of Rasputin. As I mentioned earlier, it allows certain exotic weapons to spawn Warmind Cells because it triggers sun splash damage. Here are a few that synergize well, and I’ve again highlighted the standouts in bold: Sunshot, Polaris Lance, Xenophage, Jötunn, Ace of Spades, One Thousand Voices, Eyes of Tomorrow, and Twin-Tailed Fox. I particularly like those three weapons from power because Warmind Cell’s only intrinsic power weapon is the Seventh Seraph SAW, which is solid, especially if you can find one with the Auto-Loading Holster and Vorpal Weapon perks, but still not surprising for boss damage. So my preference is to use normal Warmind weapons in the primary and energy slots, then a Solar exotic as my power weapon.

They are not just exotic either. Certain Solar Legendary weapons that deal splash damage and Solar abilities will also trigger Wrath of Rasputin. There is a full list of what works in this Reddit thread. Also pay special attention to the fact that Rocket Launchers are getting a whopping 30 percent damage buff in Season of the Chosen, so keep a well-rolled Apex Predator from the Last Wish raid if you have one because it deals sun damage.

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Squad Medic

If you’ve read my Charged With Light guide, you will know that I highly value the healing effects. After all, his DPS drops to zero when he’s dead. Many players sleep on Fireteam Medic, but the healing blast it provides (for the entire team) is really substantial. In whatever activity you’re being invaded by additions – that is, all of Destiny 2 PvE – you’ll find yourself desperate for a clear clutch and some life gain. Congratulations! Your Warmind Cell just killed everything and saved your companions from dying. Once you’ve played Fireteam Medic, your Warmind Cells will feel naked without it.

Energy shelter

My final pick is another expensive option, and it could also be considered a flexible place in the sense that you could swap it out for something else without breaking the overall build. Arc-based Warmind Cell mods primarily involve ‘collecting’, i.e. trampling, the cell to activate an effect. In this case, your reward is a shield that lasts a whopping 20 seconds. Repeat: 20 whole seconds. That shield will even recharge if it takes damage but isn’t completely depleted. The only point against Sheltering Light is that what you want the most is to blow up your Cells rather than collect them, but honestly, this setup generates so many that there is often one at the end of an encounter that you can grab before heading to the next one. You may just need to warn happy teammates not to shoot your Cells unless necessary.

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